Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gift Of An Antique Vellum Book, 3 Fine Grains & Willow Decor

This past week the beautiful antique vellum book arrived from 3 Fine Grains. Kimberly Fraser, the owner of the shop filled with antique treasures, teamed up with lovely Gina of the fabulous Willow Decor blog for a special treat. It was a GiveAway that made us all hold our breath waiting to hear who might be very lucky new owner of this treasure. Inside and out, it is a thing of beauty just as you would expect.

When it arrived, we looked at it from every angel, inside and out just admiring how astounding it was to see and hold a book in such perfect condition that was written so long ago. However, I kept thinking that it deserved a home more worthy than my little abode. If Gina had it in her possession she could showcase it so much better than I can. But that doesn't mean I won't do my best to give it a special home.

The oldest of my antiques is from around the mid 1800's. When you open the vellum book there is a handwritten notation Venice, 1626. Makes your heart just skip a beat. Although I studied Latin for several years, it is more than rusty and I doubt it will be doing any translating. But I have no need to know every word; the book is so beautiful just to see.

I have nothing older than the mid 1800's in my home. But those antiques are treasured dearly. I hope this beautiful collection of words is not too out of place here. I do adore the colors of parchment and vellum, and Italy is one of my dream destinations that I have longed for over many years. My love of Italy began with the study of Da Vinci's art when I was in college. And certainly grew stronger whenever I would see pictures of art, the architecture, and the country itself.

Be sure to see some wonderful examples and arrangements of vellum books in this post at Willow Decor. And of course I hope you will go visit 3 Fine Grains to see Kimberly's pillows and other fabulous goods.
Thank You!
to Gina of Willow Decor and Kymberly Fraser, owner of 3 Fine Grains

See Y'All Soon~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~ Summer Time

Summer comes very quickly to the South. After having a cooler start to the year, we are hoping that the unbearable heat doesn't hit too early. Even now before the temperatures get bad, I can't help but look at old files of beautiful pools that pop up when looking at gardening layouts.

This one might be a bit elaborate, and certainly went with the huge house, but just a little cement pond will cool you off just fine. This makes me relax a little just looking at it.

After a little computer trouble, it looks OK again. I'll be back next week to show you the wonderful antique vellum book and to discuss a little bit about turquoise paints.

Have a great weekend,
See Y'all Soon

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~ Small Treasures

This is the time of year that I usually get a strong desire to just strip everything from a room and almost start over. Sometimes the walls get a new color, maybe the rug changes, but certainly almost all of the accessories get moved or replaced. My version of spring cleaning I guess.

I also find that I don't want lots of small things. They just seem like clutter. And then you find one thing, that although small isn't quite clutter to you at all.

With the beautiful weather outside, I'm having a tough time finishing even doing room before I'm outside, still trying to figure out what to do about plants that need replacing after the freeze, and what other dirty mischief I can get into. Cody Puppy is finally getting where I can leave him alone for a few minutes and work outside. Just as long as I keep checking on him every few minutes or take him for a very long walk to wear him out a bit first.

Now when you get back to the mess you made of moving things around and not actually putting them back where they belong (oh yeah, that might just be me who does that!) do you sometimes find little surprises that just kind of created themselves? I love to discover little arrangements that I might have done a bit by accident. A gathering of lovely things that somehow came together, and look so perfectly suited for each others' company.

There are times I have wanted to toss anything out that was cheap and instead only keep quality, or more expensive treasures. Of course sometimes you get very lucky and you find a treasure which should not be so inexpensive. But I actually mean little treasures that might have cost so little and yet they stay with you for years.

This silly little clay bird has been here for quite a while, and has been a part of many holiday decorations and almost always get used for a little springtime fun. It most likely cost less than $10. The old books I set on the table waiting to use somewhere. And the keys, I just always keep out. I love old keys. They just looked so nice there.
Small treasures.

See Y'all Soon!

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