Friday, June 11, 2010

~ Summer, Chill Out

When summer comes knocking on the door, all I can think of is water and its cooling properties, even just looking at water helps cool you down. About now, it's almost too late to get anything new in the ground, and it is a good amount of work just keeping newly planted lovelies alive through their fledgling year. No new plants for me yet. But I think there is a lot of planting and digging in the not so distant future. Digging, dust, and dirt flying is going on, just no plants yet. The best part is that I'm not doing the digging at the moment.

Ponds. Running water, the sound and sight sure helps to take the edge off the heat. Our pond will need an overhaul when the backyard landscaping begins. It might need to be moved. But that is not something to even think about right now. I'm saving that idea for Sweet Husband a ways down the list of things to do!

Be Cool!
See Y'All Soon~


  1. Lovely restful, calming, love it!

    Art by Karena

  2. Your backyard is beautiful now! What a lovely place to rest at on lazy afternoon.

  3. Water is soothing to the soul! You have created a beautiful oasis in you back yard. I like how it looks now and will also enjoy seeing what you have up your sleeve, Donna!


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