Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Angel ~ Shine a Light

There is no unique story about finding this Angel, or of it being a special gift. But she helps to get me in the Christmas Spirit each year. I know you've read many heartwarming stories about Christmas ornaments. Hallmark tries hard to make it seem like you need a new one each year.  This Angel has no such story. She came from a store maybe 10 years or more ago. Every Christmas she shines a little light in our home. That's all there is to her story. Maybe that's all any of us need to be. Wishing you Light.


  1. Your Angel is beautiful! I have some special angels as well.
    I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  2. Donna,
    Your Angel reminds me of two 'special' to me Angels!
    I love a vintage Christmas Angel broken during our son's toddler days.
    And, my Santos Angel I purchased that stays out year 'round.
    Thank you for always inspiring with your lovely post.

  3. Hello Dear Pat ~ So nice to see you. A little accident with the vintage angel now can bring a smile to you heart when you remember your son being so young. It so sweet that you kept it.
    Thank you for coming by,


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