Wednesday, May 9, 2007

~ Corners of My Home

I missed Monday home pictures. Somehow it's already Wednesday. So here is a little spot in the kitchen. A large white platter that matches a set of dishes, and a bunny with a lid that's been at home here longer than the platter or the newer kitchen. I've had white dishes forever. A lot of them were way down in the bottom of the cupboard. A couple of years ago I saw a table set by Martha Stewart, all in white and loved it! So mine have been out ever since. But I learned to appreciate my own when my friend Sally started showing pictures of hers.
We really love gravy around here. This is a picture of our "gravy" bowl. It is really a small soup tureen. It's been so long since I bought it, I have no idea what it was sold as. Gravy and biscuits, with a dash of veggies, is a great meal. I have since added a few tureens, but I still love this bunny.

The small BlogWorld seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. Each time I visit someone, I seem to find another new person from that site. By the time I get to a few sites, and even get a post or two done, time has passed so fast and it's time to get off the computer. It makes me appreciate it greatly when you take the time to come by and leave a post here. I know it isn't easy to keep your site going and visit your friends, too!


  1. Oh what a sweet and delightful corner! Not to mention so lovely! Of course I DO love rabbits...: )
    The dishes are so pretty...I love their shape. White is so classic.
    Thank youf or sharing your corners with us! You, and so many other creative bloggers, are an inspiration to me!


  2. I haven't visited as many blogs lately as I'd like to but have a few minutes tonight so I'm making pop visits to some of my favorites.

    White dishes are a hit with me as I can mix other patterns with them. Bunnies are also at the top of my list....You can't have too many......

    Betty @ Country Charm

  3. There are always new and interesting people to visit in this blog world! But yours is always a favorite of mine.

    That is the cutest "gravy" bowl ever! Thanks for sharing another special corner in your home!


  4. What a cute corner! Lovee the white platter!
    Come visit me!

  5. I try my best to get around and leave a thousand comments because I know how good they feel...but gee it does take some time, doesn't it?

  6. Donna, I love your bunnies, and your Baroque china! I have a little bit of it, too, and love how it mixes with everything. I don't have the platter....yours is gorgeous!

    I find it hard to visit everyone, too. I keep thinking "if I worked just one day less a week", but it seems that time goes so quickly no matter what!

  7. Donna, I love that shot! And of course, the bunnies...both of them are so cute. I have one similar to that little guy too. I really love that Baroque dinnerware & would love to have some too.

    I know what you mean about visiting everyone...that is a real challenge. I may have to cut down on my blog posts one of these's very hard to keep up with everything!


  8. I have a thing for bunnies too. I especially love your little leaping bunny. For some reason, your white dishes put me in mind of the Food Network star, Sandra Lee. The thing I like about her show is that she always has her kitchen accessories coordinated to go with the season or her theme, or sometimes even with her outfit!

  9. I always enjoy looking in on your blog. It is a pleasure to see all the creative and beautiful things you do.

  10. Your postings are a little sunny inspiration in my days. Thank you. Looooove the white platter. Does your friend Sally have a blog?


  11. Another pretty, inspiring spot at The Decorated House! Love these wonderful things!

  12. Love the white dish and the bunnies.
    Have a great day,

  13. Oh how pretty...I love the picture, when my Grandmother passed away a few years ago she left me her bunny cookie jar.... as a child I just loved it and she knew that. Your post brought back swwet memories.

    I know what you mean about surfing, I only let myself get lost in the blogging world every so often. I have a select few I visit often, yours included.

    Thank you it's always fun to visit!

    Kathy :)

  14. Very pretty corner love the bunny as I aslo have bunny dishes and white too! Blogging is getting to be a chore during the warmer weather with the garden work because I agree one can end up sitting at the PC forever just visiting one more and then one more!! I am now limiting myself to the number of visits and today I am saying HI love your blogsite!hugs NG

  15. Donna...we're back from Atchison and I'm spending some time catching up. I don't know how I missed this post, last Wednesday!! I love it, of course! Great photo, too!

    Back Porch Musings


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