Monday, July 2, 2007

~ Monday, Corners ~Small Treasure Chest of Lace

Few old and vintage things capture me like old lace. The intricate beauty made by hands of people I never knew, but somehow now are a part of my life is so intriguing. The small chest, about 18 inches wide, is very French Colonial inspired to me, toile decoration on a bamboo & wicker styled box. It was being abused by the weather out on the sunporch, then I realized it was perfect for making a treasure chest for my growing lace collection. By collection I don't mean it will sit around with me just looking at it. Instead this is a working collection for making art from vintage elements.

I'm fascintated by the piece on top which was never finished. The pure linen is aged to a darker cream with gold accents. The thread is still on the cardboard spool and one of the medallions was still being worked on that goes on the fabric. I like to look at it and just pick it up and feel the age and tenderness of it. And of course wonder about who made it.

Many of the other ones you see here are all handmade, many without a machine. What beautiful work. The patterns and the colors and the feel of the lace is so amazing. There are a few Irish and maybe a French piece in there, but I've mixed them up too much now to know. Maybe that is good so I won't value one above the other.

It actually rained last night. After the promise for over a week of 70% chance and then not a drop. The flowers are singing today. And I'm listening to their song as I start the Angel piece for the auction. It's a beautiful day.


  1. That's such a nice collection Donna & you do such beautiful things with your lacey pieces.

    Glad you got some rain...we got a smidge yesterday, but need more, more, more!


  2. Hi Donna,

    Hope you get some rain to keep your beautiful garden singing. What a pretty little chest.

    Have a wonderful 4th.

    Kathy =)

  3. I love this post, Donna...that lace is gorgeous, and looks so perfect in the little chest. I'm a fan a lace too, and am currently having some pieces framed. Can't wait to see how these lovely pieces end up in your art!

  4. I just had to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog! I've been reading it for a while but you've really inspired me! We are buying a very old fixer upper house in a few weeks and I LOVE what you did with your Kitchen! Ours has the same type of cabinets that you had but the woman painted them yellow but I plan on stripping them back down and doing and antique white finish with molding. I LOVE how your Kitchen turned out!! Beautiful! Well, just wanted to say hi! Have a great day!

  5. Glad your garden got watered.
    I love old lace. It is so pretty.
    Have fun with all of it.

  6. I'm so envious! What a beautiful collection!

  7. Your lace collection is gorgeous! (and I always love seeing what you do with it, too :) I'm particularly fond of that box (which I'm sure doesn't surprise you)...stunning!

    I'm glad that you're having such a good day!

    Love, Andrea

  8. I love old lace, too. Thanks for sharing your collection with us. It's inspiring -- think I'll get some of mine out and just look at it and feel it!

  9. Nothing is more beautiful than aged lace. I love being surrounded
    by things made by the hands of people. It gives a home such a spiritual feeling.

    I wish we could get some rain. SoCal had a total of 3 inches this
    year. Since, we are in the desert, I don't think we got one inch.


  10. This is so pretty! I have fallen for lace lately, it is amazing isn't it, the hand work that women could do? I think most of us have lost that talent, I certainly couldn't make lace!

    I love to wonder about their lives, too. And what their hopes and dreams were...

  11. Love that beautiful chest and it looks so pretty with all that gorgeous lace flowing out of it.

    Glad you got some rain, watering just isn't the same as a good rain is it!


  12. Hi Donna,

    Your lace collection is Gorgeous! I can relate to your love.. there is just something about lace that tugs at my heart too. :)


  13. What a fantastic photo-oooh I'm envious!!!

  14. Hi!!
    Rhoda, Karen, Kathy, Nicki(Good Luck with your new house!) Rosemary, Cindy, Andrea, Elaine, Lidy, Manuela, Mari-Nanci, Gypsy Girl, Heather, Sophie!

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you my lace. I know many of love things of age and lace is one of those.

  15. Love the lace, Donna. I have some pieces in a drawer of J's mother's cabinet, I should take a look at. I've used those spools of thread to edge pillow cases. Haven't done that kind of work in ages!



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