Monday, July 30, 2007

~To Market, to Market to Buy a Fat Eclair

The Winter Park Farmer's Market is a wonderful place to visit on Saturday mornings. The old depot serves as shelter for some of the vendors and the parking lot area is set up with all the rest.
The colors are so amazing. Actually I don't buy much fruit and vegetables here since I find organic ones at Whole Foods and now Publix for just a bit higher price. But look at these colors! I don't eat eggplant but love the color.
And mushrooms, not my taste either. But the color of those gently aging blue cardboard fruit baskets just calls out to me. Delicious color.
The plants are a great bargain at the market. I often purchase my bromeliads here. These are quite large and we can grow them outside. They need a good home and I know one just waiting. Maybe next trip.
A sea of beautiful blooms. Always a feast for the eyes over on this side.
Don't these look like little art treasures. Only the chocolate is a flavor I would eat, but I adore the shapes and color.
Aaaah, getting closer to what is really calling me. Irene's French Pastries!
This one is for my daughter and I was busy getting the shot of this when he was packing the eclairs. And I totally forgot to get a picture of the nice sweet fat eclair before the first bite. But it was most delicious!
Then off to do some walking and window shopping through here. All cities should be planned this way. Part two, will be a few pictures of their beautiful little shopping area.
Hope your weekend was a good one.


  1. such delicacies...beautiful eye for shape, form, color...i cn almost taste these...blessings, rebecca

  2. Mmmm...I'm dying for one of those pastries right now with the cup of coffee (decaff). Looking forward to part II!


  3. You about killed me with those pastries!

    It Looks like a lovely place to spend the day. I'm looking forward to part 2.

  4. Yum, Donna!

    Can you see Miss Xanti in and eggplant colored bridesmaid dress, in November? T's colors are eggplant and fall colors, with a little bit of lime.


  5. What a fun post, lots of pretty things to see, killer pastries (you're killing me!) and such a beautiful place.
    :) Lidy

  6. Ha! Love the title. So you're an artist, blogger AND write nursery rhyme titles??

  7. That looks like one mighty fine market. The one we have close by is quite small and has no other offerings but produce. Although that's ok it would be nice to have a variety like you found at this one. And oh dear that pastry, I'm afraid that would be dangerous in a nearby market. ha! I look forward to part 2!

  8. The bagel and coffee I am eating here at the keyboard are nearly as good now that I've had a look at those pastries!

  9. Pastries...yummy! Those markets are so much fun to browse. Glad you had some fun out there.


  10. Oh yummy! What a fun market - now I'm hungry!

  11. Wow! They all look so yummy! I love the cupcakes and the eclairs... looks like you had a fun day!



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