Thursday, August 2, 2007

~Temptations, Part 2 ~Winter Park

Thank you all for stopping by and going window shopping with me!
As always, thanks for taking the time to say hi and leave your sweet notes.
Have a wonderful, happy and safe weekend!
Of course the most amusing thing was that I told Sweetie Husband that we could go walk to get some exercise while window shopping. He didn't fall for it. Window shopping doesn't mean going inside every other store apparently.
Most of the stores used to be small owner operated shops. The big names have come in now, but the city does try to keep the same feeling. I miss the little store. Origins and Pottery Barn have done a great job with their storefronts.
Appenberrys! Very popular, and people come from all over to shop. Unique, gardeny, very cool. And a bit pricey.
Temptation. Only the price saved me on this one. $6600 for the shop one, but another $2000 to order different fabrc. Really a nice size, 15 by 15 feet. Hubby reminded me for that much money we could have one built out of wood with a real roof. OK! Another little shop. Reminds me of the ones that used to be on the walk. So nice to see some again. All of the paintings in here are originals. This one the only shot I took before we decided they might not like photos.
The stores sit side by side. They used to be one, the previous picture and then the next ones. I am headed the one beside the awning, but was too excited to get a shot outside! Devine! Look at these goodies. I love this store. European accents and antiques. Did I mention that this is a pricey little city? It is.
Do you see what I see? How many years have I longed for that sofa?

We discussed price. Talked her down to $2300, not bad for all down, 1920's frame rebuilt and upholstered by an expert! The match was perfect. Italian fabric which runs around $85 a yard.

But....we actually live with our sofas. This one needs a place where it won't get kind of jumped on. And fortunately, it was in a dusty blue. I would have to change some colors. Good excuses anyway to keep my hands in my pockets! We have a trip planned soon and I just might need a couple of dollars for shopping then.

Have a most wonderful day! Hope you enjoy the window shopping.


  1. Oh, yeah, Donna, I remember Winter Park well from when I used to hang out in that area, years ago, of course! I know it has changed tremendously since then. What fun shops to look in. That last one looks just like you! No wonder you found a sofa that you loved. Another one will come along.


  2. Thanks for the tour.
    Really pretty! Reminds me of shopping in Santa Barbara.
    You may just find the sofa of your dreams on your trip.

  3. I think I've been on that street many years ago too...lots of changes. I remember eating breakfast at the cutest little place.

    It's always fun to catch up with what you are doing...and those keys...yum!

  4. I long for those chairs with the toile!! Loved going window shopping!


  5. Thanks for the tour. I've always wanted to go to Winter Park but never have gotten the chance. The couch you passed up is just beautiful but I understand your reasons for keeping your hands in your pockets.....

  6. I remember when Winter Park was very quaint and upscale. Sad how downtowns have to become corp. Makes one understand why Europeans struggle to keep corp usa out of their towns.

  7. Such pretty places - can you believe that I don't think I've EVER shopped in Winter Park before? I may have driven through it very quickly, but I don't remember shopping there! So this was fun to do through your eyes!

  8. what a tempting shopping adventure...window shopping at its best...what great shops...blessings, rebecca

  9. These are the kinds of stores I love to browse, too. Beautiful things. A good way to test your will power!

    I agree, save your money for that great trip you're taking. Wish I was going, too!


  10. It looks like you had a nice time window shopping. Such beautiful images. I always like the small independant shops too. The shops in town here are great, but have become very corporate also. I keep my fingers crossed that people discover my new place in this big corporate world we are living in. Thanks for your sweet comments about my new shop.

  11. Wonderful shopping trip! Thanks for taking us along. I loved everything, but don't know if I would have the will power you do!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  12. Thanks for showing us photos of Winter Park. I went to Rollins in the early '70s when the independent shops were still there. I've been back lots since, and have seen the changes..I liked it better the way it was;-) I live in a small town where we still have very few "corporate" owned stores..and we try hard to keep it that way!!

  13. Winter Park seems lovely. Thanks for the tour. I love the antique shops. You know I tried to get hubby to go window shopping with me. He's just never interested. He thinks why go when we can't spend. Thanks Nicole


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