Saturday, May 31, 2008

~ Treasuries of Cottage Pinks & Cool Blues

Creating Treasuries on Etsy takes about the same amount of time as creating one nice small art piece. But you can do it just sitting at the computer without lifting anything but your fingers to type. So that was a fun thing to do and feel like it was getting something done.
Here are two that are showing this weekend that we made.

If you CLICK on the pictures, it will take you to that Treasury and you can see them better. If you click on each individual box when you are there, you can see lots of wonderful things in each shop.

Cool Blueberry Mix is because Sweetie Hubby loves blue. It features something by me and my good friend Anneliese has an fabulous necklace in it too. If you haven't met her yet, be sure to check out her shop for some beautiful jewelry.

The pink one is made up of works by the Cottage Style Street Team. So if you like PINK & COTTAGE, take a peek at this one. A really sweet group of artists with lots of talent.

Hope your weekend is a fantastic one!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank YOU!

Thank you to each of you have come by and left a note or emailed me. Your kindness is so appreciated. I'm feeling better, a little each day, but it sure seems slow. My Sweetie Hubby went back to work, but he sure was great to have home. And Sweet Daughter comes by at lunch if I need her or just to say hello. She would really like for me to be able to get back to doing things at her house I'm sure.

But....I can't sit still! Well of course I did have to sit still a bit, but thank goodness I can get around a lot more now. It's been a good excuse to do some art instead of cleaning or doing that kind of stuff. I can't lift anything over 5-10 lbs, but art supplies I can handle!

This piece has been waiting and waiting for me to finish it. Or rather I have been waiting for it to speak to me, tell me how to finish it. Although I am very slow getting anything done, I finished it today. Now that feels good. Not just sitting idle while I'm healing, but getting some art done. I even worked on getting prints made of it and they came out great.

I'll be happy not to be walking around like a really old lady. That will be a great improvement. Although I am thankful to be getting around fairly well.

Thank you again, so very much! Donna

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~ Sunday at the ER, Home Again, Sweet Home


Nothing feels as good as being back home after a trip. But when it is a trip to the hospital, the homecoming is so extra sweet. I'm behind on emails and everything else, so I thought I'd better post a little note here.
Saturday night I couldn't sleep because of a pain in my side. Of course I was sure it was indigestion or something. Sunday it wasn't really bad, so I went for a nice long walk and figured that would make it better. It didn't get worse, but it wouldn't go away. I went back in forth for a couple hours wondering if I should go get it checked. Duh....I know. Hindsight is so much better.

We got the Emergency Room in the afternoon. We decided if there were any tests that needed to be done it was better to be at the hospital instead of the walk-in emergency clinic. The ER doctor said he wanted to do a CT scan and I really didn't want one. He was amused. Nice guy, usually doctors are not amused. He talked me into it. It came back that I had an acute appendicitis.
No way! The ER doctor couldn't wait to say "I told you so," see he was a funny guy. He was very happy that he had pushed me to get the scan and that he didn't let me talk my way out of it.

Well, you don't get to think much from this point. They call a surgeon immediately to get you in surgery before it gets worse. They move fast. I was in surgery in couple of hours, and in the hospital room before midnight. Not much time for a scardy cat like me to worry about needles or anything else. I spent a few of days at the hospital, getting no sleep of course, but doing well. It is so good to be home in my own bed! Quick surgery, not so little incision! But doing better each day. Recovery is supposed to be not too bad, so I'm sure I'll be back to my ol' self soon.

Thank you for stopping by!
I'll be resting for a while, but I'll be back soon.
(Writing this post is the most I've done in days.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~ Beau Bunny, Artful Blogging, One World One Heart

Although Beau Bunny is one of my creations, he has really taken on a life of his own. When I see him, he is just himself and I sometimes forget where he came from. The nice people at Somerset Studios, Artful Blogging, etc., send out copies to the people who have pictures and articles in their magazines, so I had the magazine for a few weeks. But it is still fun when you see it at the bookstore.
We went to Borders to look for some books, and as I was looking at the magazines, there was the new copy of Artful Blogging, and Beau Bunny in the article about Lisa and her vision and accomplishment of the One World One Heart Event. If you click on that link you can see over 400 blogs that participated.

I know it made Beau proud to be featured in this way as a part of something so special. The event was just amazing and Lisa worked so hard on it.

Sweet Daughter's new home is coming along. How do people ever have the energy to move? I have no idea. No, the kitchen cabinets are not painted. They will be someday, but I'm running out of steam at the moment. The master bedroom took 4 coats of paint and it has very high ceilings! Silly me, if I had known it would be so hard to cover the old color, I would have used a primer first, maybe. Maybe not. The smell of paint ,let alone primer is really awful to me these days. The newer eco paints are so much better, but they won't mix other brand colors in it, at least not at this store. The living areas all are open to each other with a medium taupe color. Not a great color, but the ceilings are too high for us (me!) to paint this area. So it will stay as it is for now. It's not terrible and the rugs and few furniture pieces go well enough with it. It's exciting to see it come together for Sweet Daughter. She sure has worked hard for it. Thank you so much for your kind & good wishes for her. You are wonderful!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~ Fairy Godmother Wanted, Apply Within

About right now a Fairy Godmother would come in real handy. You forget moving is so much work. And I'm not even moving! Sweetie Daughter is finally on the mend. Remember how your kids would bring those "bugs" home from school when they were little, and sure enough you would come down with it, too. That's what happen. I haven't been so sick in years. But not much time to rest, there's too much to do. A nice Fairy Godmother could get it all done quicker I bet.

It was Christmas in April last Wednesday. Sweet Daughter had purchased tickets way back in Nov or Dec to see the touring Broadway play "Wicked", as my Christmas gift. It just happened that the show date was on the same day as her closing. We got up early, went to the closing, got a bite to eat and then headed to the play. It was really a fabulous cast and production. If you've thought about seeing it, go for it!

I've been waiting to redo some things around here until after Sweetie Girl had her own place so she could have whatever she wanted that I am replacing. She talked me into getting stainless steel appliances, so my white Maytag Gemini stove will go nicely in her new home for now. She gave her stove to a girlfriend who needed one for her house. So that worked out well.

The movers are coming tomorrow to empty her storage unit and then swing by here to pick up the stove and all the other stuff in boxes and in her room. The fridge won't be here for a couple of weeks so we will have to do some of this all over again then. But we are moving along.

In the midst of winter, you can sometimes spot a tiny flower poking through the cold looking for the sun. Right now, all I can see is a mess as far as I can see. There are stacks of things everywhere. Books seemed to always be beautiful, stacked on the floor, a table or the midst of a mess. Still beautiful, and especially so when they are so worn like these are. How many hands have held them I wonder.

It will be all cleaned up again soon, but it will also be much quieter. Not just going away to college quiet, but she's really grown with a home of her own quiet. Bittersweet. I'm so happy for her, but you can't help but miss the little girl, too.

There's been little extra time to visit blogs lately, so I really want to thank each of your for taking the time to leave a note as you past by, and you kind thoughts. You are always appreciated.