Monday, August 18, 2008

~ Mamma Mia & Fay, too?

I had not even listened to any weather or news in a week so when I said we were going to Renninger's on Saturday I had no idea that it was going to rain everywhere. Everywhere except where we were at the time, at Renninger's! Sweet Hubby said let's just go and see if it rains. Wow what luck. It has poured many times during past visits. But it held off in that location, even though it rained pretty good at home while we were gone. I'll show you some fun pictures, but first....

Last night Sweet Daughter and I went to see Mamma Mia which is on tour right now. It was simply fantastic! There was great simplicity of set design, so maybe they are all cutting back to keep the price of tickets from getting even higher. The whole place looked sold out and from the applause, I think everyone was thrilled with the performance. I've always loved ABBA's music through their high and low periods, and just never stopped. They have quite a loyal following it seems, and tons of new fans.
If you get a chance to see this, go for it. I haven't seen the movie yet because I wanted to see this first.

The cleaning and organizing continues in the studio art room to make a place to create.
That old pine chest of drawers got a quick coat of white paint, and is now the proud storage area of all my spools of ribbon. I am trying to use anything I can that I already have, not even to save money but to save the planet. :P One of those tree hugger ideas. I looked on Saturday for some drawer knobs/pulls but came home empty handed. However I came across my old ones that were on the kitchen cabinets at one time. Now this made me feel very good. More using things that might otherwise be tossed in the landfill.

In order to redo metal knobs, just make sure they are very clean first.
Paint with a metal primer. Any color is OK.

For these I did a base coat of flat black after I applied the metal primer.
I then used a "rub and buff" type product in silver on the raised, highest areas.
Then a touch of gold on the same area, and follow again with the silver if you are going for an aged silver look, which is what I wanted.

These will hold up pretty well if you make sure you start with a metal primer. In a kitchen they might show more wear, but otherwise it works well.

And Fay....
I hope she doesn't cause too much trouble. Sometimes it looks like her path is kind of similar to Charlie's, so we are keeping a very watchful eye on her. We never knew Charlie was coming at us with Cat 1 wind and rain until the morning before he hit that afternoon. Looks like a ton of rain from Fay, but I hope that is the worst of it.

See you soon!


  1. I saw the movie, "Mamma Mia" and loved it. I imagine the stage show would be fun too.
    That knob is pretty! Nice job on reusing.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the metal primer, I have some knobs in one of the baths that I wanted to change, I think I will give this a try, I am going for more of a bronze look, any suggestions on that ??

    Thanks Donna,

    Hoping that FAY isn't too too bad down your way, I am sure we will get some rain from it come next week. hopefully not the week-end.

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  3. (((Donna)))
    I've missed you!
    I just caught up with your posts and I see we are in for a huge treat when you do your final "reveal" of your room... oh that memo board is GORGEOUS!!

    It is raining and windy and I'm hoping that is all we get and I hope you are spared this time around too. Be safe and promise me that we will get together soon!!!

    Love to you,


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