Monday, August 11, 2008

~ Old Friends

My Old Friend, July 2008 - Savannah

I'm off today to see an "old" friend. Actually he isn't old and I've only know him a few years. And more shocking to me is the fact that I met him on the internet! Yep, my sweet hubby is fine with me seeing another man whom I met online. It's always fun to see him and catch up. We agree almost totally on politics so we vent about the state of affairs for a moment or two, and we sometimes mention somethings we have in common from being online, but mostly we just talk. He is a most interesting person although when it comes to decorating I tell him he definitely WTAW (Worse Than Any Woman) I've even worked with. Not totally true, I have had some doozies, but I like to kid him about how he can obsess over a color or whatever. I met him on a decorating site when he was still choosing colors for his new house, and he's a good guy.

I'm still turning pictures from being sideways in the camera but I came across another old friend.
If you were around here last August, I think I politely asked, or begged, anyone to save me from old houses. I adore them. But today I wouldn't take one on anymore. I know my limits of time and money, quite unlike the things I would do when I was younger and dumber and braver.

"405" House - Savannah, 2007

This is the picture of the "405" house from last year. I had no idea I had wandered back to her doorstep this year in Savannah. Although I had that nagging feeling you get when you've seen someone who makes your mind wonder if there is something familiar about them. You know when I took this picture I had such high hopes that when I saw her again she would be more loved and sporting a fresh coat of paint. I loved her anyway, but wish someone would come along and give her real love.

The work continues in the studio, art room. We got the shelves in the closet! Yipee, storage!
See you soon.


  1. Sounds like fun!!
    Have a great time!!
    Friends are the best!

  2. I think I know who that old friend is Miss Donna.

    If he's also a pretty fabulous gardner, I think he's special too!

    Hey is that you up in that corner? You are beautiful! I knew you were though, without ever seeing a photo.

    Say hi to your old friend, for me!


  3. Enjoy the time with your friend who resides behind the majestic doors!


  4. What a beautiful home you have , i really like it. Love your style. mishelle


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