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How to Add a Pretty DIY Stem to Your Velvet Pumpkins

Add a DIY Pumpkin Stem to your Velvet or Faux Pumpkins to make them extra special! The Decorated House

Velvet Pumpkin with Air-Dry Clay Stem

The velvet pumpkins are such a pretty addition to your Fall and Halloween décor. You can certainly have them out from September through Thanksgiving.  One of the nicest ways to finish them is by adding a real pumpkin stem which adds a touch of realism and rustic charm. You can save stems from your own pumpkins each year, or use ones you found at the market maybe.  It is so interesting to see how many different shapes the stems take on while growing.
Sometimes you might need a certain size or a more whimsical look than you might have saved. I had one pumpkin stem that was my favorite, but it was too large for this little velvet pumpkin. So I used the real stem as inspiration for making one the right size.. This one is made of  an air dry clay. It will say "air dry" on the package. Sometimes it might be paper clay, but there are other kinds as well. The one shown here is a paper clay type.  It is very easy to use, and you can keep it from drying out by when you store it for longer periods of time by  keeping a damp paper towel in a plastic bag with it.
*Start by rolling out a fat piece of clay the size that seems good for your size pumpkin.
*Adjust the size of the roll to be fatter at one end, and slimmer at the other.
*Make some lines down the sides with a knife or other slim object like a real pumpkin stems have.   
*Give it a nice twist, until you like the way the lines and curve looks to you.
*You can separate the bottom part like the one above.
*Let it dry completely.
*Paint your pretty stem with any acrylic or craft paints in the colors that make it look like a real   stem: browns,  green yellows, grays.


(Of course you can use a clay that needs to be baked like Sculpey as well.)

Now you have no problem if you can't find just the right real stem for your pumpkins, just make your own.  Of course these work wonderfully on the foam faux pumpkins that are just perfect for painting.

See Y'all Soon~ 



  1. Thanks for the tip! I have several pumpkins waiting for stems now! For smaller pumpkins, I have used the stems from acorn squash. For the bigger ones sometimes a girl needs a stem thats "just right" Perhaps the clay will be perfect! Thanks again

  2. Hi Sally, Using acorn squash stems for smaller pumpkins is a great idea. I guess I don't even notice acorn squash enough to see how lovely their stems are!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Donna,
    The stem is so~o~o realistic, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    You've been missed. . .Welcome Back!!!

  4. Hello Sweet Pat,
    Thank you for coming by. I hope you are enjoying this lovely Fall!

  5. Now that is a beautiful stem!!! I am going to attempt to try it!!!

  6. You are so creative Cindy, I'm sure you can make some beauties!

  7. Donna, you're the best! I never thought to make my own pumpkin stems. Yours is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Now I can finish my "naked" pumpkins and use them as I decorate for fall!

    1. You are very welcome Raylene, No need to have a naked pumpkin if you can make a pretty stem for it! And it makes them look more natural.


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