Thursday, August 14, 2008

~ Sneak Peeks? Inspiration Board

I used to only do BIG reveals when I was working on large projects, especially a whole room. But I love sneak peeks when someone else doing things because I'm quite impatient. So, here is another little peek.

I've had a board of some sort for so many years, but I wonder if "inspiration" board is a new term. Artists & designers always have them to keep things to inspire them and to keep on schedule! It's nice to see how many people use them now.

This frame was black with gold accents. The more I looked at the tiffany blue color on the chest of drawers, I knew that frame was headed for a makeover. I still love toile. For a while it was tough to keep the love affair going especially when I saw pants made out of the patterns. But as others tire of the toile, many of us who have loved it for years can truly enjoy it again. Will it go out of the style? Not likely, it's been around for a long time and will be used in decorating for another 100 years at least.

Although I didn't plan to put the crossed ribbon on it, I did so for the color. And now I'm sure it will be handy too. You won't see much of the background once I start putting things on it anyway.

Lots more painting to ugly, "old" pine chest, will be white. I need the drawers, so it will do for now. The black desk and black chair either need some added color or they might get moved to the family room. We'll see. I like evolution when decorating. And some days a room evolves and dictates where it's going. You just grab a paint brush and hang on!


  1. Look at that aqua sneaking in here! I think I see more in your sidebar things. Oh, it's beautiful, Donna. I think we both have this on the brain. You'll have to check out my black/white damask I just found & how it's paired with aqua on the inspiration pic. I think I'm going for it too! You'll have to look back a post for it.

  2. Donna I love these sneak peeks! The board looks fabulous!

  3. Donna you are such a tease, but I just love the sneak peek. The frame is just beautiful love the color and toile will never ever go out of fashion. It is my favorite fabric. I think I am going to have to make a inspiration board. Have a good weekend.


  4. Oh.... how pretty!
    Pale aqua has really gotten under my skin too. I spent a few weeks searching for *the* perfect color for our living room walls.
    I sure hope you shared how you did this. I have a few frames lying around that need something done to them.

  5. Gosh that is beautiful! I wouldn't want to cover it up though. Too pretty! You did a great job and I love the colors.


  6. That's such a great shade of blue! Jen R

  7. So pretty Donna, I love that color seems to be so in right now, I did my kitchen a couple of years ago in BM Beach Glass before it was all the rave.

    Love the sneak peeks...but i can't wait for the whole

    Kathy :)

  8. So pretty! You can transform anything I say.


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