Sunday, August 30, 2015

~ Green Envy - Only the Pretty Kind

By the date on the calendar, it will be Fall soon enough. But here it is still in the nineties and only a few flowers make it through so many days of this heat. Even the zinnias are coming to the end of the their summer season. Each year I love zinnias more and more. 

And this is one of my all time favorites. Green Envy!

Few color combinations make me as happy as grouping Green Envy with lots of Purple!

In the flower garden the  lime green is the perfect complement to the deep purple of
Persian Shield and the lighter tones of  Angelonia.
A dash of  yellow is so pretty with the purples. 

 I had forgotten how different each blossom can be even out of the same package. Some have many petals in a few layers, and other might only have one or two layers.  As the bloom matures and goes to seed, it continues to be just as beautiful. 

When I brought them inside to enjoy, I used the same purple and yellow with the lime green combination, with a bit of baby's breath that was ready to harvest too.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. Simply lovely! Love the lime green and purple. My garden is struggling this year. I'm watering plants, trees and bushes just to keep them alive.

  2. Donna- I don't think I have seen those green zinnias anywhere. Aren't they gorgeous? I just love them. You are right-sometimes when you look around blogland it seems like so many people have everything all together. Some days I am lucky to remember to put on my bra before I go to the mailbox!

    But flowers- well, they are the great equalizer, aren't they? xo Diana

  3. Such a pretty flower and a pretty color, Donna! My flowers have struggled this year and that is the ones in pots. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone tropical!

  4. I can't image how you can keep anything alive and pretty when you see the high temperatures some of you have had this year, and maybe last year as well.
    Katie, I know what you mean about all the watering! It's been very hard to keep up with it this year.

    Hmm... Diana, I didn't know I had to get that dressed up to go get the mail. But mine just outside the front door. :)

    You know tropical is a good thing Kathy! Usually I would say except for the heat, but I know you have had your share this year for sure.

    Isn't that lime color fun? I'm glad you all enjoyed it too.

  5. Donna,
    Hope springs from your post!!! We, too, planted envy this Spring...with the arid conditions and the triple digit temperatures on the Prairie, the promise of any blooms had nearly vanquished! I'll keep hoping...for even one envy blossom! Thanks!

  6. Oh Donna, that color combination & arrangement can
    grace our table anytime. Just beautiful!

  7. Donna that color combination is to die the cool greens with purple! I haven't tried that zinnia but after seeing yours I sure would love to!

  8. Beautiful! The Green Eny is one of my favorites! Up here in upstate N.Y. my gardens have been ravaged by the Jap beetles first then the extreme heat and drought.Now Im considering going mostly with shrubs and trees for next year and also a variety of grasses?

  9. Pat, I was hoping you would stop by and see these lovely flowers after you mentioned them. Most flowers seem to bloom earlier down here so I will hope along with you that yours are going to bloom this pretty as well.

    Monica & Cindy, me too! Oh how I love the combination of the lime green and purple. I hope that they come back true from the seeds we have kept but I don't know yet. If they don't, I'll just get more seeds for next year.

    Deidre, Heat and bugs! That's what I keep reading about for some states. Ornamental grasses have become a favorite of ours. I need to experiment now with the purple fountain grass and the white blooming grass growing together. I realized I don't have them in the same beds side by side. They should be beautiful complements to each other.

  10. Love the green and purple combination, it makes for such a beautiful bouquet! I'd not seen these before, I bet your garden is lovely.

  11. LOVE that is absolute perfection!!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Yes, I love that combination as well. So nice to see you.

  12. LOVE zinnias, and that green is my fave. we had very hot weather as well but the zinnias did great!!

    1. Hi Mick,
      I think the Zinnias were one of the few flowers to make it through the mid 90's heat. I appreciate how long they last through the summer just as you do!

  13. Donna, I needed to see something beautiful this afternoon and this is fabulous. I will be looking for Green Envy Zinnia. Looks like a great piece of amethyst next to the vase.

    1. Hello Donna,
      So happy the Zinnia made you smile too. The Green Envy seems to grow just as easily as all the others. And it is quite tall too. Thanks for coming by.


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