Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~ Wisdom & Magic . Feast of the Epiphany


This day is usually the beginning of the year for me. The first few days of January are still filled with left over holiday activities and trying to get everything put away again. The crèche is the last thing to be put away. On this day I stop and think of Wisdom & Magic. I love the story of the Magicians (Magi), Astrologers who came to visit the Christ child. Nothing in the story says anything about kings and that got distorted over time. They were men of wisdom and magic who read the movement of the stars.

The tree is finally gone, the decorations packed and ready to put up and away. It's been a little bit slower than usual with having the new family member. Cody says thanks for all the well wishes. He is really a very good pup. I hope he stays this way and I think he will since we are more intent on doing the early days correctly this time around.

We celebrate this Feast Day with a simple meal of French Onion Soup (without beef broth,) fruit salad and fresh baked bread. Some hot chocolate chips cookies sound good, too. It's the favorite dinner for my little family and they both chose the meal years ago. The twelfth night, the end of the Christmas season, it's a day of more thanksgiving. There is a promise of wisdom and magic if we only chose to look, and that is my intent for the new year.

See ya' soon!


  1. That picture is beautiful! I still have half of my decorations out. Maybe tomorrow...

    Your menu sounds perfect. I hope you had a really nice feast.


  2. Beautiful, Donna!

    Also.....Your new family member is a definite doll baby!

  3. What a gorgeous site you have! I am glad I found it. You are now on my favorites list!


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