Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Thankful Thursday, Decorating - Where to Begin

One Good Painting, a lovely Frame,
and fabulous Raku Pottery.
(Painting by Sweet Hubby,
Raku from Winter Park Art Show,
Frame from a Mirror at Ross.)

Thankful Thursday is a funny title because it seems an odd time of the week to stop for a moment and be quiet and reflective. That's why I like it, a good reminder.

Things to start with. Art. Plain and simple. Good art, real art, not something that came from Target. I totally understand that it's not cheap to do this. But there is nothing that compares to real art, except a handwoven rug, or a fine antique.

Start with as close to an empty room as possible. Add the one or two special things that you have, the art, a rug or an antique. Let it sit. For a day or so. Then decide not only what do you need the room to function as (yes, I know that's important) but how to build the room around your treasures. It gives you fresh perspective.

If you have one good painting, who cares if the sofa came from a thrift shop. It can be recovered. Wonderful art is a luxury I know. But it will last forever, you don't toss it out like a worn out sofa.

We were really surprised the last few art shows that we visited how much the prices had increased. Next month is one of the largest and best in the US that is held nearby. Sweet Hubby has shown in this one. The high quality is worth the day of viewing. About 150,000 people show up, to look, and hopefully to buy since many of the artists rely on art shows for their total incomes.

A setting like the one above in the first picture could be expensive on a modest budget. But you can find original art for any budget. I know how lucky I am that Sweet Hubby has such an amazing talent and so in every room we can have original art. He also loves exploring for antique treasures with me so we have a few of those, too. Finding art is like anything else worthwhile, it might take some effort to go out and hunt. Check out art shows, and places like Etsy. At most large and quality art shows, they have a student section. This is a fabulous way to have original art from students who may be exceptionally good.

The raku pottery was one of those special gifts, not an everyday expenditure. What I love the best about it is not just the outstanding quality, but that it reminds me of the wonderful day we had together at the art show hoping to find one special something, and then deciding on these together. Actually there is another large vase. This one was my favorite, and the other one was Sweet Hubby's. Then we did a little bargaining and we got the small third piece for free. Good art makes a room special!

Framing can be so expensive. For this size painting, with comparable molding, the price was over $300. Instead I find mirrors in ornate frames at Ross, Home Goods, and Marshall's and remove the mirror. The frames then costs $60 to $100. Quite a savings. Of course sometimes you get very lucky and find old frames at thrift shops, consignment shops or garage sales. I'm working on a couple of frames that we found a couple of weeks ago at a consignment shop. One more thing on that long to-do list.

See ya' soon.


  1. What a fantastic idea about using mirror frames. I'll have to keep that in mind. I love art as well, and have begun purchasing artworks from local artists.

  2. I do so agree with you that art needs to be something that makes you happy to look at it. I love the idea of using the fabulous mirror frames that you can find as frames for great art. Such a great idea. Thanks for the tip. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh..I love Home Goods...I could spend hours and hours in there!
    Very cute and wonderful ideas too!
    -sandy toe

  4. You are so right Donna. Original works should always be part of ones decorating budget. I miss the art fairs of the desert southwest. My art piece selections usually lean toward landscapes or local architecture. We have several watercolors, my favorite medium, depicting Missions up and down the coast of California. Yummy Raku. Both unique yet similar. His ying to your yang. Raku is an amazing process with breathtaking results. I have one piece and treasure it. Thanks for reminding us to be Thankful on this beautiful sunny (finally) California day


  5. That raku pottery is to DIE for! Audible gasps when I saw that first picture.

  6. One of the many things that I love about you Donna, is your sentimental spirit. I love how the art that you choose reminds you of special moments and people. So refreshing and inspiring.


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