Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Do You Lean to the Left or to the Right?

Sometimes it's hard to tell which way someone really does lean, to the Left or to the Right. The fabulous blue color of the shutters is what first drew my attention. Then we noticed the incredible leaning. This is what can still be seen today of the aftermath of the earthquake of 1886 that hit Charleston. So which one is leaning?

In the second picture you can see the distance between the two houses at the bottom and then at the top! And there are people living in both houses. Which by the way are both leaning some.

I've been thinking about painting my shutters black again for a while now. Isn't this old home beautiful. Something so special about a yellow house.

I don't know how you can be homesick for some place where you don't actually live. But Charleston and Savannah are calling out to me again. It should be time to go somewhere else, I know. But I just want to go walk around the cities again. We need a vacation. So we'll see if we wind up there.

Some people say they just don't understand why I would want to go to the same places again. But those who have been there, over and over again, understand.

See ya' soon!


  1. Wouldn't that be weird if your house leaned like that? I think it would drive me crazy - I would be afraid it would tip over! LOL. I love the yellow with the black shutters - so happy yet classic!


  2. I wonder what those houses look like inside, f the walls are cracked or if they are walking do they lean to one side. I definatley would not want to be drunk walking around. Lol. The yellow house is charming and that chandelier. zOh, love it. I would love to go to Savannah just to see the houses. mishelle

  3. I can understand! Charleston is our favorite place to visit and we usually go yearly (sometimes more than once!). We enjoy staying on the islands and driving in to the city for site-seeing.

    Once we stayed on Hilton Head Island and were with 2 hrs. each of Savannah and Charleston. Great day trips!


  4. I am all for Savannah! Have you eaten @ the Ole Pink House (http://www.americascuisine.com/savannah/TheOldePinkHouse.htm) before? The food & the place are marvelous! Cheers, Julie

  5. My boyfriend and I have traveled to many places..and we have been to Savannah..and would love to go back again! I understand! ~Cindy~

  6. Those are lovely homes! I wonder what sort of undertaking would be involved to straighten them out?

    And yes, black shutters are lovely on that warm yellow home.

  7. Great photo, great homes! I wondered when I viewed them if when leaving a pencil on a table if it rolls to one side?

    I've always wanted to visit Charleston and Savannah ...I hear it's just spectacular! One day, one day I will travel there!

  8. I completely agree about Savannah. My mom and I went there about 9 years ago and then last year hubby and I went to Savannah and Charleston for vacation instead of a cruise. He'd never been and just loved it! I can't wait to go back.

    Love the blue shutters and yellow house with black ones!


  9. There is an old Victorian, in town, that used to have a decided lean. Very noticable as we approached from the side. It was "propped up", a few years ago, but it's resuming the lean it was probably very comfortable with for 50 or so years!!

    I love Charleston...never been to Savannah. It wouldn't take much coaxing to get me to visit!

  10. I love your comment about being homesick for a place you don't live. I'm a city girl going on my 10th year living in a small town. I've tried so hard to love it here, but when I go to the city I feel like my self again. Maybe it's time for a visit!!!
    Great post, the leaning houses???

  11. Oh Donna do a post on Charleston and Savannah I have not been to either...I would love to know where to stay etc...

    I love that yellow house with the black shutters...so nice.

    Oh that lean would drive me nuts...but I like to say I don't lean left or right I'm in the middle !!

    Kathy :)

  12. I've never been to Charleston and savannah, but after reading this article, I would love to go!


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