Thursday, March 5, 2009

~ Paintings & Black Glaze Cabinets, Answers to ??s

I forget to answer questions just because I forget, not because I don't mean to get back to you. So here is one old one and one new one answered.

The first question is about the picture which appeared in this post.
Antiquing White Technique for Cabinets and Furniture.

The painting in this picture, and many of the ones you see throughout our home pictures that I post are by Sweet Hubby. He works in watercolors. Some of his work is available on Etsy as prints. Some time soon, I hope he will do some smaller original pieces for his shop, too.

Thanks so much for asking about them. I love his work so much, and feel very lucky to have such wonderful original paintings in our home.

Quite a while ago, someone asked if you could do the black glaze technique shown above on newer "finished" cabinets. Most likely yes! The pigment in black paint is so concentrated in most paints, that it will indeed stain the area you are wanting to highlight. You just have to be careful that you don't let it sit too long on an area where you do not want the black to be. Every so often the finish may be so "hard" that it won't take the paint. But that is not often.

For those not so pretty oak cabinets this will change them a lot. You can do the black glaze or the white. Either way, they will be greatly improved. I've had lots of people do this who had never done anything like it before, and every one of them did a fantastic job and loved it when they were done.

See Y'All Soon!


  1. Your hubby is so talented!!

    Thanks for the info on glazing cabinets. I am considering painting or staining my island. I think I want to do a color or an off-white. It's scary!



  2. Great information. I love the look of the black glaze, but was afraid to use that on my light maple cabinets, so I used a dark paste wax and it made a huge difference. Made them about 2 shades darker and really highlighted the moldings. Hugs, Marty

  3. Just's true "art"!
    sandy toe

  4. That widget is fun isn't! It reminded me of posts I'd done that I'd even forgotten about LOL!



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