Thursday, May 14, 2009

~ Let's Go Window Shopping .. Jones to Broughton St. Savannah

Strolling through the streets and parks of Savannah sometimes feels like Disney World or a movie set. You are trying to get so much in such a short time, and the buildings often look like movie set. Which of course some have been. But the parks always have a few homeless people which keeps you grounded that this is a real city afterall. Nonetheless it is a beautiful place to just walk and not be a hurry to make the next tour or whatever.

So what to do when it's just a half day and you don't want to run from place to place? Do a little window shopping. We were out by Jones Street so we headed the few blocks over to the Broughton. First stop Paris Market, Broughton.

The Paris Market, looking down Broughton St.

A huge, old bookcase stuffed with French books
from the earl to late 1800's.

What a beautiful haphazard display
(It might not have looked so "messy"
before I started looking at 100 or so books.)

A few shots from in the store.

And a downstairs area full of more & more!

Love this old piece. It was upstairs last time,
now resting downstairs until they
whip up another gorgeous grouping of treasures on it.

Just one small bag.

Marshall House.

I've always been drawn to this building. Then last time we went on a ghost tour and most of them include the Marshall House. Even though they had a great rate in April for their innkeeper's special, I'm not sure if the gorey beginnings of the ghost stories influenced the decision to pass on it this time.

Looking for the menu to the restaurant,
I snapped this picture of the sitting area near the lobby.

One Fish Two Fish sits on the corner of Jones St.
by Mrs. Wilkes (spells southern food.)
So if you go to eat at Mrs. Wilkes,
you might want to stop in. Cute shop.

We did not stand in line for Mrs. Wilkes. Someday maybe. But so far the lines were either too long, or we are never in the mood to eat so much food. But the locals almost all say, skip the Lady and Son's (P. Dean) and go to Mrs. Wilkes for the real food.
One tip that the lady at the Dresser House told us was not to eat breakfast and just get there early rather than later in the day. They let in a huge group to begin with, so that long line moves fast. The same length line later in the day is waiting for tables to open up. Good tip! Thanks Sherry.

Thanks for your notes. I've enjoyed sharing the pictures and I hope all of you who wish to visit one day get the chance to do so.

Have a Great Weekend! See Y'all Soon.
(I'm behind on emails. But I'm tring to get to them.)


  1. Pretty pics, Donna! It must be the time of year for Savannah. This Young House blog just got back from there too with pics. Oh and yes, Mrs. Wilkes is def. worth going to! Loved it! I think we only did breakfast there.

  2. Your pictures are just wonderful. I want to talk my husband into bringing me to Savannah this summer before it get TOOOO warm. At this point, it may be closer to fall. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


  3. How beautiful! I have never been to Savannah, but it is definitely on "the list".

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a lovely tour!! Thank you for taking us along...!!!

  5. Hey Donna! I'm just now catching up on your Savannah tour. Hubby and I were there in Feb. 08 and loved it....first time for him,
    2nd time for me, but not the last for either of us. We stayed at The Marshall House and I really wanted to see a ghost (not really). There is something about that town that just feels like coming home, know what I mean?

    Check out my two posts from Feb. 08to see some of my pics.



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