Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ Savannah, The Dresser Palmer House, B&B

The Dresser Palmer House, Savannah, Gaston Street.
Built in 1876 as two separate homes (townhouses) and is 11,000 sq ft.
16 Rooms each with private baths

The Front Porch, Perfect for Afternoon
Wine and Cheese.

The Johnny Mercer Room
The largest room, suite at the inn.
The bed alcove is original to the house
and holds a king size bed,
very nice and not common for bed and breakfasts.

When touring these older cities, you can
see these beautiful tall windows.
 I've always wanted to be able to walk out one
of these floor length windows!
There was a private balcony there.

New furniture and paint.
Really so relaxing and comfortable.
And you can see a glimpse of the lovely new bath.

My pictures are after some updates in 2009. They had just finished a major remodeling so that each room now has a private bath, and they are all beautifully done. Each room we peeked at, was just a nicely done as the next. Just a difference in size.

Looking down Gaston St.

After staying in a few bed and breakfasts now, we are spoiled.  But since we stayed in the first one, each and every experience has been simply wonderful. There are so many advantages. Breakfast is served in the morning, the rooms are so "home-like" not like a hotel. And they almost always have free parking. This can add up in most cities where they often charge $20 plus for parking. Just be sure to check out places like TripAdvisor because you certainly can wind up some place not too good as well.

If you visit when things are slower, be sure to call directly and talk with someone there. We were so lucky to be able to stay in this fantastic suite at a much lower rate than it is during the busy season! (Thank you David!)

We would certainly stay here again. You might remember last time we stayed at the 1895 Inn. I did call there first since our last visit was great.  Ed was booked already. There are only 6 rooms there. We did miss his cooking. He is still at the top of our list for breakfast, although we had very good food here as well and so thankful for the cooking and the bed and breakfasts.

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  1. Oh - so pretty! I love old houses. I would love to visit there someday.


  2. What fun seeing Savannah through your eyes glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Cherry from Savannah

  3. Beautiful pics, Donna. So glad you went back & yes, those B&B's are the best. You know, it's been ages since I've stayed in one. We need to book a trip & go to a B&B ourselves. Your trip looks dreamy.

  4. I love Savannah. We typically stay at The Marshall House Inn on Broughton (www.marshallhouse.com -I just looked it up). The Inn is historic and was recently renovated. Can easily walk to shopping and the beautiful Savannah park squares.

  5. What a beautiful B&B! Your pictures are great! Now, I'd like to visit.

  6. All of your pictures of Savannah are stunning! I was there many years ago, and do not remember it being as breathtakingly beautiful as it looks through your camera lens! Thank you for producing such a treat for my eyes!

  7. I've had really enjoyed sharing the pictures with all of you!


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