Monday, May 17, 2010

~ Inspiration From A White Kitchen Part 2

This kitchen had so much to see, today will be part 2, and then one more post after that. The entire area consists of the kitchen with a counter bar for eating, a dining room and a sitting room with a fabulous fireplace. The combination of the homeowners' vision along with the skill and knowledge of their architect, kitchen designer and builder made this one special place to live.

There is a richness and warmth in this white kitchen which is not always present in a room without more obvious colors. This comes from the textures and surfaces. The stone floor, which could be cold, instead reflects hints of the gold and umbers that we see in the wall treatment. All this brings forward the vision and plan of the homeowners' for a farm style kitchen updated to for today's needs and look.

The bar stools look very comfortable and mimic the same curved lines of the back of the dining chairs, without being an exact copy since they feature a beautiful open design on the back and a different leg. Although a dressier choice that what you would think of in a farm style design, they give a classy contrast to the use of the beadboard on the sides of the cabinets and the counter bar area which it usually thought of as country style.

Although the table and chairs are beautiful pieces of furniture, it would make little difference to me if they were replaced by an old wood board table and a couple of comfortable chairs. Why? It's the windows. The star of this side of the house is this glorious bank of windows. I am not too sure how to have so much window area without an unbearable heat gain in the deep south. But I certainly love the look.

As you can now see the kitchen and adjoining rooms are actually 2 stories high. It certainly adds the spacious feeling.

One of the things that was so nice to see in this photo shoot is the lack of "stuff" brought in. I'd be curious if it was necessary for them to take out much that belonged to the homeowner. Her taste seems already quite edited and uncluttered.

See Y'All Soon~

{Owner: Christine Ryan. Kitchen Designer: Eline Nealer.
from Beautiful Kitchens, 2003}


  1. Great post, love the photos and your thoughts on them. It is true a few well appointed items is all a room needs.

  2. Dear Donna,
    I much appreciate your take on this kitchen, as YOU are a designer. About the light, I adore light and think those upper windows wonderful. I like light, but like you say, in fierce heat, it could be brutal! We're just fastening our safety belts now, getting ready for the five months to come.

    Thank you for your kind words earlier. The things you said about how it's hard to keep up with bloggers is true! Just today, I quit face book. There Must also be enough time in the real world.

    I'm SO happy we connected! I would adore meeting you one day!


  3. Great kitchen...leaves me hating mine husband won;t thank you! All the best,Chrissy

  4. Hi Donna:))

    Love this post and of course I Love your blog:))) Thank You for stopping by the other day:))


  5. Hi Donna,
    It was so nice to hear from you.
    Glad you like my new chair.
    Love all of these kitchen photos.
    My style!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Loved this kitchen. Mine is white as well though I need to get rid of the "contractor grade" countertops after 15 years!! Nothing like a little inspiration to light a fire under a procratinator!! lol!


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