Sunday, June 20, 2010

~ Antique Books - New Art For Old Pages

It's been a while since I started searching for antique books that were past their use for reading but still filled with the beauty of the aging dames they are to use for art. Every so often Sweet Hubby would see the books and ask if I had started doing anything with them yet. Why of course. I have ...... I'm thinking and planning. Or procrastinating. I usually have way too many projects in my head, too little time or a lack of time management skills, and sometimes all of the above.

Finally I started redoing some art and making designs just for these fabulously aged, gorgeous pages. How happy it makes me to see that the books did not get tossed out just because the were falling apart and most likely would never be read again. Of course you know we all love just stacking them and admiring them, too.

If you already have any old dictionaries, encyclopedias or you find an aging beauty in a junk or antique shop, maybe you can give new life to the old pages. So many old books end up in a landfill because they are in such bad shape. There's always an arty idea to bring them new life.

See Y'All Soon~


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~A Little Digital ~ The Queen Bee Design by The Decorated House

New art, new designs. I wanted to make some pillows on white linen. It all started way back when the dining room changed and I kept the bee design that was on the back of the chairs. Some of you said what nice pillows that would make. Another project that I have no idea when I will get around to. Since I'm looking for a natural linen background, the yellow won't work, but I was still loving a little bee design.

So after a lot of inquiries about offering some of my art designs for digital download, it seemed like the perfect time to offer some of the things I've been creating for my own decorating. I just can't decide what I want yet, and by the time I make the pillows, who knows what the final decisions will be. I have several designs in various stages of creation. So come by the shop often to see what's new, and so affordable for creating something of your own. (Personal Use Only.)

2013: Updated to link in shop with the latest Queen Bee Digital Download.

See Y'All Soon~

The above information is added due to collector blogs
stealing posts and images.

Friday, June 11, 2010

~ Summer, Chill Out

When summer comes knocking on the door, all I can think of is water and its cooling properties, even just looking at water helps cool you down. About now, it's almost too late to get anything new in the ground, and it is a good amount of work just keeping newly planted lovelies alive through their fledgling year. No new plants for me yet. But I think there is a lot of planting and digging in the not so distant future. Digging, dust, and dirt flying is going on, just no plants yet. The best part is that I'm not doing the digging at the moment.

Ponds. Running water, the sound and sight sure helps to take the edge off the heat. Our pond will need an overhaul when the backyard landscaping begins. It might need to be moved. But that is not something to even think about right now. I'm saving that idea for Sweet Husband a ways down the list of things to do!

Be Cool!
See Y'All Soon~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ Beyond White Walls

Somedays you might long for white, white and more white.

But then there are times that you just would like
a beautiful color to greet you instead.

Isn't that a innovative way to balance the white book cases on the other wall? Also another great design element using a white panel below the windows. I used this type of thing long ago in one of the bedrooms, but have never been able to decide if I liked how mine turned out. One thing for sure, you just can't show off great trim work without using some color on the walls. I'll have to take a second look at this design, because it certainly works very well.
See Y'All Soon~

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~ Outdoor Spaces & Longing For Flowers

t actually makes no sense that I long for flowers right now. Oh it's not the hottest time of the year, that will be a couple of months down the road, but it's getting there. I think it's "only" the lower 90's today.

~ My Favorite Pot Garden ~
I'd like to do this again.

Even though the temperatures say it's way too hot to be outside digging, I see others out there doing it as well. We just can't help ourselves! Longer days, lots of sunshine to bring blossoms, and it is hard to resist a pretty flower.

~ The "old" Potting Room ~
I miss you, too.

The place where I used to create my garden pots is torn down. It was getting old and needed to be taken down for the backyard redo.

In place of what we tore down, I've been planning something like this for years. And years.
Annie Brahler's arbor is my starting point for a new covered arbor and sitting area. For awhile I've loved the look of natural wood on top and the white columns. Of course her beautiful dogs certainly add to the ambiance!

It might be Fall before the major gardening actually gets underway. There is so much more heavy duty work to do first. But good things come to those who are patient and will to get to dirty. Or those who start out with a big bank account and don't have to get dirty, I guess. But I've never minded playing in the dirt from the time I can remember.

See Y'All Soon~
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