Thursday, June 30, 2011

~ The Entry - Just Simple & White

Old gilt mirror was looking a little tired. In addition to a little touch up with Treasure Gold, the inset on the frame was painted a blue green. First lime green, then French blue, then an antique varnish/glaze. Still looks old, nothing newly painted.

The plaster artichoke came from out on the porch back inside again. It was painted with some umbered green first to settle in the crevices, then dry brushed in Old White chalk paint. That type of paint helped to maintain the look of the plaster and allows it to be cleaned up but still chalky looking.

As shown previously the fabulous vellum book that was a gift/giveaway on Willow Decor by 3 Fine Grains. Stunningly beautiful to see and hold. The walls have been painted with a few layers of paint and glazes. The golden yellow which replaced the off whites is gone, now replaced with ... off whites and taupes, again. Much the same as several years ago I suspect.

After finding the little heart stones at the beach, it took over a year to find a shadow box that would work and that I actually liked. This one was perfect.

The ex-voto heart, my three shells and an antique key make the perfect house blessing.

Although this table changes more than anything in the house, a few pictures were snapped before the things moved around. I love the white on the wrought iron table. It's a fun and different look from before.

A small entry, and just some very simple things. And lots of white .... again.(Before)

See Y'All Soon~
Have A Wonderful Day


  1. Donna....I love the white and idea of chalk paint! I am really admiring the walls though!!!! They look sooooooo "Old World"..Just gorgeous!

  2. The walls look great, Donna! I will probably keep things light once we downsize. Love the artichoke and your shadow box hearts look so pretty. This all makes for such a nice display in your entry!

  3. Love the mirror with the tiny addition of greeny blue. Very pretty entry!

  4. Oh- It looks SOOO nice. I love the little pop of aqua! And that artichoke looks great there- xo Diana

  5. I like both the before & after. The new whiter look is good for summer.

  6. Looks fab Donna. Especially like how you transformed your mirror!!!
    So subtle and beautiful!


  7. I would love to have a beautiful entry way like that. Unfortunately, It always seems to become the dumping ground for my husbands stuff when he walks in the door!! LOL!!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Truly divine! I love the shades of chalky white and the vintage gilt is the perfect accompaniment! Your mirror and console table are gorgeous!!!!!

  9. I love the calming tones in your vignettes. Very old world.

  10. Wow Donna the before and after are both gorgeous. I love the pieces that you chose. It is a welcoming entry way.


  11. wow!! great immages!

  12. Oh my gosh, I love your ex voto shadow box! To die for!


  13. Beautiful! I thought I read in a earlier post you were pulling away from colors again.

    When you do use color I have to say, it's very tasteful, elegant and so old world style mixed with a type of classy coastal. My brain is not firing off the designer terminology tonight because I'm thinking Christmas Candy making, cover the tins with paper for the candy, painting a project and hurry up and find what I was looking that pertained to ASCPpaint in one of your older posts...Which I plum forgot what I was even looking for... You're terribly distracting. LOL...

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet little family,


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