Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ Silver Heart Ex-Voto & ADD

I remember looking for a silver ex-voto for quite a while before finding the three I have. Now with a simple search, they seem to be very easy to find. It is very difficult to tell whether one is old, or more newer. Often made of tin, not silver, they have a beautiful patina without being old at all. That was fine with me. The antique ones could fetch $800 or more, so the newly made ones work well since I just love the designs.

ADD-like symptoms seem to strike often these days as I have a little trouble finishing one decorating project before jumping to another equally enticing one. I am by nature a planner. Even after spending days on end choosing the right color, furniture and adornments, once I see the individual parts are perfect, I'm ready for another project, another challenge. Not the best way to actually get things done. Sometimes worse, after getting most of an area done, but not finished and moving on to other projects, when I return to the first room, I have new ideas for it! A little attention deficit at play.

To turn over a new leaf (oh sure I am!) the entry way is getting all the attention. Starting small might make this easier. The wrought iron table has been repainted, the mirror touched up, and finally, finally, I am putting together a little "House Blessing" with my silver (tin) ex-voto and the beautiful heart shaped rocks/shells I found on a beach vacation which I wrote about here.

Thanks for the lovely comments
on the flower pots in the last post.
See Y'All Soon~


  1. How beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your revamped entryway. x Sharon

  2. I love these! The older ones are a tad bit pricey, but so gorgeous.
    Looking forward to some peeks of your wonderful home.



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