Monday, January 13, 2014

~ Black & White for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Decorating with Black and White ~ The Decorated House

Valentine's Day will be coming very quickly. Yes, I know,  we just got the Christmas decorations put away. And on our morning walks, there were still Christmas trees out by the curb to be recycled yet. But still another holiday will be here soon and that means there are so many people 
already planning ahead! I'm just doing a little thinking about it.

 The Decorated House Valentine's Day Pillow DIY

This is the Valentine Pillow I made last year. The center heart is simply a piece of felt that I drew a scroll design on, then cut it out  and adhered it to one of my "10 Minute Pillows" made from a simple cotton.  And just for the fun of it, fabric flowers of cotton, lace and felt can be added to the corners. 

You can find the post of the Valentine's Day pillow HERE.
And the tutorial for the Fabric Flowers are HERE.

Valentine's Day Decorating with Black and White ~ The Decorated House

Do you sometimes long for a different color scheme than you usually use? For me it can be just black and white. A while ago I picked up the striped throw at Ikea for when the black and white urge comes on, and I brought it out to complement the pretty toile pillows that I made years ago. A little more Valentine decor will be added, maybe a touch of red or even pink, to add a little punch to the decor.

~ See Y'All Soon ~


  1. Well if you ever get tired of your black and white accessories, Donna, you can just send them my way! : ) They would fit right in with my black and white living room! I love your toile pillows. Your heart pillow is so pretty with the fabric flowers. I have to remember to take out my heart pillow.

  2. Donna,
    Love your Valentine Pillow!
    Stunning against the black & white color scheme, dear friend!!!
    Like you, I've thought about putting out my Valentine hearts...
    but while the weather is unseasonably warm, I've been working on "large" projects in the garage!!!
    Your pillow is very inspiring, dear friend!!!

  3. That pillow is gorgeous! Love the black and white for Valentines!

  4. Hi Ladies!
    Yes, Kathy, I do remember how you like black and white ....and toile as well. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing in your living room!

    Hello Elzbeita,
    My Polish translation were not very good, but I think u la la is understood. :) Thank you.

    Hi Pat,
    We are about to get another little cold snap, and when it gets in the 30's here, I can find lots of projects to do, all inside! Thank you for your sweet note.

    Hi Nancy,
    So nice to see you and I'm happy to see you enjoyed a little black and white for Valentine's Day, too.

  5. Yes, the heart is "glued" on to the pillow front. Be sure to use a fabric glue for this project, not hot glue.


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