Monday, March 5, 2007

~ Few More Details & Colors

Since I forget to answer all the questions here or in emails, here are a few more bits of information that I was asked about.
  • Colors for the Dining Room and Living Room are from Sherwin William's, Torchlight, darkest main base coat in DR, with Harvester and Inviting Ivory glazes and dry brushing. The LR is base coat of the Ivory, with glazes of the Harvester. These are all on the same paint strip. (I said different colors before, but they were not the final ones used.)
  • The iron basket on the front door came most likely from Marshall's because I've had it for years. Joann's and Michael's usually get some nice ones in during the summer season.
  • In the kitchen, the original cabinets were all solid birch made on site in 1959-60. You will see examples of them more up north, but this house was built by workers who came south for work at the time. The quality was better than buying new today without spending a huge amount on solid wood ones. So I painted them.
  • First redo, they were white, then I painted them to look like aged pine or light cherry. You can find some books by professionals showing how to do this. Some nice non-professionals have done it quite well, too. :)
  • Andi, click on the edit button on the bottom of the large blog post box on the page elements page. There you can change the comments title.
  • And yes, I am a designer and artist, having done both professionally. Now I'm taking some time for us at home.

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  1. Amazing! So you just painted your cabinets to look like wood. I thought for sure you had stripped them and stained them. GIRL, YOU ARE GOOD!


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