Monday, March 26, 2007

~ A Girl Needs a Good Pair of Legs & a Locket

Ms. Boo Dahlia is so delighted to hear from you. If it weren't so close to Easter I think she would be taking off again to visit her new friends and eat brownies & fried greeen tomatoes, see antique shops and flowering trees, and maybe a touch of snow! This time of year she stays close to home, because it is her time of year to shine.

When Boo arrived on Kathryn's doorstep, she said she knew exactly what that Bunny needed. A little guidance! And some arms and legs, but the arms would wait. Kathryn whipped up lovely legs and added some flower trim. She made Booie's jacket from a linen that had belonged to her husband's grandmother. The locket came from Kathryn's collection of old costume jewelry. This was again a display of the loving care I had come to know from these women who create art.

It was hard to say goodbye, but then she was off again and Booie was on her way to Big Tex. She would not mistake it for Paris.


  1. Good morning, Booie!! You look fabulous! I'm enjoying your travels.

    I'll be sitting on the back porch, sipping tea, awaiting further news of your wonderful adventure!

  2. Booie's outfit is quite smart, and I know that she must have enjoyed visiting New Orleans very much (I've missed it myself lately). She is quite the lucky recipient of Kathryn's talents. She must come visit the South a bit later in the year...she has quite a few anxious new friends eager to meet her. For now, we're waiting to hear of her next stop....

  3. So nice to meet you Boo! You are adorable and I am enjoying hearing all about your travels!!! Be safe out there!

  4. Boo, you are just looking si smart in your frock and locket. A woman of style!
    How I am enjoying hearing all about your exciting life!


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