Friday, July 4, 2008

~ Re Vamp Before & "After"

Maybe a little vamping is what I'm looking for in this room. I'm not finished with the planning of it although I don't consider it major since so much has been done. The last redo was fun with the touch of green mixed with traditional black and white toile. I loved many things about the room when I finished with it. But I was never sure just how much I loved the color. Some days, a lot, other days not so much. The contrast with the white woodwork is what I like best. I'm thinking of doing some glazing on the walls to see if I can get away with not totally repainting and having to tape it off and paint so much inside the lines. Most of my walls are some shade of gold or yellow in the house, so I was toying with something different in here. I'm not sure if I would get tired of it though. So first I'll try the glazing and get some punch with other things that need to go in here. A big goal is storage! I need organized storage for art supplies. The closet doors have been removed and I hope to figure out something fun and functional for that area.


Actually as much of a mess as the next picture looks like, it took a lot of work to get here! The one million and one magazines are in piles of ones that I need to keep and the one million that I need to look at, tear out & file, and put them on their way out the door.

After (I hope the next After will be Better!)

The daybed went with Sweet Daughter and was beautiful in her new guest room for a very short time, but is now in her garage since she is getting a room mate. Good news for help paying that new mortgage!

The desk and chaise will most likely stay here. I'm searching for a new rug, the back of the bookcases will be painted white I think, a couple of storage things could be brought in. I have been keeping a long French style dresser with lots of drawers on hold for this room. It needs painting....what color? Hmmm....planning yet.

And this isn't even the BIG mess that was in the LR! That has been moving along as well. Just my 2 bergère chairs and the antique Irish pine table in there now, instead of the sofa. The old refrigerator is in the place where the table goes. I spent 2 days researching refrigerators again, but still haven't quite made a decision. But I need to before the sale is over at Home Depot again. I hope I have enough going on to keep me busy.

Puppy came to visit 2 days last week. One day he was hellacious! One day he was perfect. Puppy borrowing works wonders for letting you know what you are in for. But I still love him to pieces.

Today Sweet Hubby is taking the old roof off the porch so he can evaluate what needs to be done before the whole roof is replaced in the next couple of weeks. It will feel good for the house to have a new do on top of her. She needs it.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Wow, Donna! I don't think that room could be improved upon, but knowing will look even better. Are you sure you don't want that daybed back? It sure looked nice in there. The whole room is great, so I can only imagine what you've got in mind for the redo.

    And the LR? Another redo? My, my you are busy around there. Looking forward to the update!


  2. I'm with Rhoda! It looked fantastic as it was but I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Happy Fourth!


  3. Donna, you always do such good work, I'm sure the "after" will be spectacular. Hard to improve upon the "before," though.

  4. Hello Donna, I'm looking forward to whatever you do! You always do such spectacular things!

    The Madonna arrived, just as we were leaving last Monday. It's beautiful!! I'll be looking for more, you know.

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. I love the room as is, but if it doesn't float your boat, I can understand why you would want to redo. I can't wait to see what you do!

    I have a room that looks just like yours and I have done so much. I have a few piles of magazines to go through, and then the rest will be donated to the hospital.


  6. That "before" picture was perfect. I'm excited to see the "next after".

    Brandee :-)

  7. Oooo, I love before and afters! I think painting the back of the shelves white will make your accessories really pop out!

  8. I love the before, can't wait to see the after.
    I understand though, I just did a remodel myself.

  9. I love your before picture and can't wait to see your after, hard to believe the before can be improved upon!

  10. OMG Donna I remember when you DID that room! And now you're RE-doing it?! LOL! Well, I guess we all need change, right? It's good to be organized. I can't wait to see what you to. (How have you been feeling? OK?)

  11. Donna,
    Your before room looks wonderful-I love the color of the walls. Could you post the brand and color?
    Thank you! Cat

  12. Bless your heart Donna, that's quite a job you have ahead of you. I can't tell you how many times I've had rooms looking just like your work in progress room with out a clue as to where it might take me. Your flair for the gorgeous will lead you and I can't wait to see the results.

  13. This dreamy room that you created in your sweet home was always one of my favorites - ever! I loved your color sense AND attention to detail - especially the layering.. truly a 5 star room! BUT - selfishly I am so excited that you are redoing it because I KNOW that we are in for a wonderful treat when you reveal your newest design!!! Change is refreshing and wonderfully uplifting - so have fun and we'll sit back and wait with great anticipation to see this room's new "dress" which I'm sure will charm us to pieces!!!!



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