Monday, September 28, 2009

~ Outdoor Spaces

Dreaming of cooler weather.....

Many people think of outdoor spaces in Spring. The weather forecast today announced that the temps would be in the 60's by the middle of the week. The thought of having the back door open even for a small part of the day makes me giddy.

It is Fall that makes my heart jump for joy. I know it's because there is not mean snowed-in weather on the heels of the mild fall. Sometimes a freeze to make us remember that tropical plants need a helping hand to survive. But mostly, it is just a time to breathe in the cool air and forget the heat for a few months.

Wouldn't you love a special place like this right off your bathroom door? I'd change the seating so that there was one or two chaise lounge chairs. Let's make it practical as well as beautiful.

Back to trying to actually finish the work in the studio. I have one more small dresser to paint. Then I can get more off the floor. It's hard to believe how fast I can fill up a drawer and or a shelf. Then look around, and it is as if the "stuff" and supplies just multiplied when I turned my back.

See Y'all Soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

~ Kitchen Cabinets . Mixed Finishes . Red & Wood

Kitchen with Wood Cabinets
Red Island & Select Bottom Cabinets

Standing in this kitchen and walking around, it was very easy to see yourself at home cooking dinner or baking cookies.

However, sometimes it's not all that easy to mix finishes as skillfully as it is done here. The key to the design was to not overdo it. The red is used on the island where you might expect it and then again along side the cooktop stove. It is not on all of the bottom cabinets.

This house was built about 2 1/2 years ago. I wonder if they would still choose the same finish for the faucet. It appears that the bronze finishes are no longer as popular. I have found that I'm getting tired of the look in my kitchen, but I've had it for over 5 years.

Sorry for the quality of the picture. I just grabbed my little camera and never looked to see what it was set on so I could get some pictures before anyone stopped me. But they didn't mind after at all. The kitchen was so well done I decided to post the picture anyway!

See Y'all Soon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~ Treasure Hunting on the Beach

When I was 5 years old we moved south and close to the beach. It was a short drive to the delicious playground of sand and water, and it was easy to take it totally for granted. Didn't everyone live close enough to the water to go to the beach whenever they wanted? It's only when I hear someone say that they have never seen the ocean that it dawns on me that it was a gift from my childhood to be so close.

Even as a child I thought that living not only near the beach, but close enough to touch and smell the water would the perfect life. It was the floods close by in the last few years that showed me the reality of living too close for comfort, and we are still miles away from the coast.

The last beach visit a few weeks ago we got up every morning and walked and walked for a couple of hours. I don't walk for hours in the heat on hard pavement. But there, with the sound and smell of the ocean, it was effortless. After the trip it was like withdrawal not to be able to get up in the morning and be welcomed by the sight and sounds of the water. Or kissed goodnight by the mesmerizing sound and feeling of the full moon rising over the water. Enjoying a chocolate dessert out on the restaurant patio at almost midnight under that full moon was enchanting.

I'm not sure if the idea of looking for heart shaped beach stones was already in my mind, or if we found one that began the treasure hunt. Wouldn't it be beautiful to create some little piece of art to remember the ocean when I am not able to walk the shore? I haven't created anything yet, but they are of course beautiful without anything being added them.

It's time to get a new door basket up for Fall. I painted my black metal lattice one white. It has been black for several years, so it is a fun change.

See Y'all Soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~ French Provincial Dresser Makeover - Tiffany Blue

The nightstands are done for Sweet Daughter. I just need to download the pictures. And I am pleased to say that they met with her approval. She likes them very much. The slate blue is just as pretty as the turquoise and will be a wonderful complement to her bedding. Actually any nightstands will be great since it took so long to find something. We are letting the topcoat cure for a few days before moving them to their home in her bedroom.

Here is a little repeat post.
I might be painting a smaller French dresser in the same way as the one in the picture soon, and this time I will take some pictures along the way so I can show them.

But in the meantime, here is a look
at the first one I painted.

Singing The Blues.
Ah, but singing the blues in a good way. I matched the little blue Tiffany bag perfectly and as stated was bright! Sweet Daughter came by for lunch and thought it was a bit too bright. So I knocked it down a bit with a light wash of white, after I thought I was done. :)

Some of my flea market/garage sale friends probably find old dressers like this one every other week for next to nothing. I was thrilled to find it at consignment store for about $100. It's the older, all wood kind and very nicely constructed with dovetails. It's been waiting patiently for its time to be transformed. I had no idea this was what I would wind up doing when I bought it. Now the whole room will have to take this piece into consideration as it becomes the new studio space. Those drawers are just what I need for storage.



I guess I've been craving this color of so long, I didn't even mind it at full strength. But she was right. At night it was extra bright. If you search for a color match on the web, you will find a whole lot of people looking for that particular color. But none of the ones they listed looked quite right to me. But this did the trick. I wanted to match the bag.

In the before picture you can see that the hardware was really beautiful in design but dark. So I added a bit of the blue, then a touch of silver and lastly gold to finish them off. After all the heart on the bag is gold.

See Y'all Soon!
With a New Project.
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