Monday, March 29, 2010

~ Singing In The Rain with Mr. Phil

The weather is changing so quickly. We are all looking sheepishly towards summer wondering if it will be mild or sweltering since the last couple of months have been cooler than usual. It would have been the perfect time to be out digging and getting into gardening, but instead I've been in the planning stages of a large backyard redo.

I have been out everyday lately, plotting and planning. Moving bricks around as markers along with anything that I can make curve. This morning it is raining, but clearing up soon. The brown yards will soon be green again. Until the heat of summer hits them anyway.

It's hard to believe it has taken me this long to finally get going with it. Each summer something got in the way. At least last year it was just chasing the new puppy around and everybody stayed healthy! Once upon a time I loved going in the backyard, but then we took almost everything out in preparation for redoing the entire yard. And it never got done. Instead, it has looked simply bad for a while. I have renewed hope that it might get done, and hopefully soon.

Do you grow house plants outside? It's a true perk of living so far south. We can grow many indoor plants outside. Mr. Phil (split leaf philodendron) has been moved a few times and is about to be moved again. It will be shocking. But he will most likely recover and live a nice full life and bloom again. There are 3 large ones which will be beautiful to landscape with, and they usually do survive the move quite well. It often takes a season of growth to fully recover.

I know we did a lot of research on poisonous plants when Cody Puppy was little, but I forgotten this one was on the list. I'll have to more diligent since he loves to dig up plants and tug and chew or their roots.

The bloom is spectacular isn't it?

I don't know if they bloom indoors unless it is a perfect greenhouse environment. But out of doors, they put on a rather stunning display. Wish him luck as he gets uprooted again amidst a major backyard overhaul. I think. Wish me luck that I will finally have the nerve to do the work and spend the money. It has been sitting and waiting for a couple of years. And something has to be done. And I think it is now.


  1. You sound determined, Donna, so I'm sure this is the year it will get done!

  2. Hi Donna, I'm sure you will have a masterpiece when you're done! You've spent a long time thinking about probably have a head full of ideas.

    My houseplants barely survive the winter. It's just too dark.

  3. Since last summer, almost every single thing in my yard has been changed. There's now a huge deck, a big pavilion, a new waterfall, and a stone-edged garden. (All in a garden home yard.) It's a journey, but one full of fun and wonder!


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