Thursday, August 5, 2010

~ Rosemary & Time, Again... Too Hot To Garden!

When I first posted this it was Jan. Now it's August. How did that happen? It's time to slow time down again. The heat has been a unforgiving, and I know it's not a good time for planting. It's actually more remarkable how many things can take the heat, if you water them twice a day. The small patch of new grass was incredibly perfect, until today. Now it needs some help. I remember why I don't add grass to the landscape. It just seemed to be needed in one place though.

The beautiful rosemary in the picture below was moved outside by the back door for a few months,and did fabulous, until I got busy with other things and just forgot to water it or give it any attention. I'm going to put it in the yard and see if I can nurse it back to health. But getting more herbs planted will have to wait.

For now, a little repost from when the pretty rosemary first came by.

After holidays, most of us either miss the decorations and ornaments because the house looks empty, or you are thrilled to have less clutter. For me, it feels like a breath of fresh air, and it reminds me to start the year fresh. Time to start anew again.

I love the smell of rosemary. Usually at Christmastime you can find some really pretty cone shaped topiary rosemary plants. (Lowe's, Home Depot and many garden shops carry them.) This one has been sitting on the window sill in the kitchen where I can see when it needs water and it has been doing very well. It's really wonderful in the living room window, but we'll see how long it can stay there without me forgetting to water it.

The pot is terracotta which was painted a few years ago. First I painted it a creamy white, then aged it with some brown/taupe glaze and added a bit of mossy lime green to imitate the moss that would be growing on a pot left outside.

A little word of warning about these Santos cage dolls. I have recently seen them being sold as "vintage" and they are not. Although they look a little older, they are being made today and imported. Sticking a vintage label on them seems to garnish a higher price.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. I love the freshness of "Christmas packed away" too. And..I love rosemary. I won't tell you that my husband ripped out this HUGE plant I had because he was sure it was a weed. I also won't tell you that he replanted it and it died anyway.

    I have seen those Santos dolls here and there and I knew they couldn't be originals. Thanks for the warning for all of us "idiots" that can be easily duped! lol Diana

  2. Oh Donna I just LOVE that photo. I am such a huge fan of Rosemary I l love the smell and the texture in my kitchen. But no matter how I try I always seem to kill it. I wish I was better with plants. BTW, love the Santos too.

  3. It's just too hot to do anything outside and I've about given up on my herbs! Watering them will cost me more money than if I just go to Whole Foods and buy some!


  4. high 80's here ... I'm in the sewing room today ... air is cranked!

  5. ((((Donna)))))

    Oh it has been hot AND rainy! But thank goodness for the rain, right?

    How are you my sweet friend? I miss you.


  6. We have been so blesse to have wonderful weather here in the Northwest, Summer is truly perfect! I am looking forward to fall, getting out the decorations and jazzing up the porch and house! Lovely post, I also enjoyed catching up with your past posts, been away from blogging for quite a bit.
    Donna Lynn


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