Monday, May 12, 2014

~ Happy Flowers & Gardening Weekend!

The Decorated House. Courtyard Flower Garden 2014

The heat is setting in  quickly here. Of course it usually does this time of year, but since we had a brief heat spell and then a slight cool down, the new round of heat seems a bit hotter and sooner arrived than usual. The dance of finding the right flowers in April and May was much the same again. When it is a tiny bit cooler, it is the perfect time to start planting but the flowers aren't in the nursery or big box stores yet. As soon as it hits 90*, sure enough, the plants are there and we are ready to wilt in the heat even before the plants get in the ground. None the less, it is a dance well worth working at and we just hope we get a bit better at it each year. 

The last month or so all my energy has been filling the kitchen side courtyard with flowers That often means a lot of annuals, which a swear I won't "waste" the money each year. Seasoned gardeners will always say to spend the money on perennials instead. Mostly I agree, but a pretty little lovey wearing an annual tag will reel me in every time if the color and shape is perfect for my mood that day. And so the dance will probably continue for many, many more years if I'm very lucky. 

This is a little look at what is in the raised berm in the courtyard this year. Many of the tried and true friends from past years. They sometimes have the same companions, and sometimes they get a new friend or whole group to try on the colors with. 

In the front it starts out with Lime Green Sweet Potato Vine and the Dark Purple, Blackie Sweet Potato as well. There are Fan Flowers growing between them which will show pretty purple flowers as soon as it catches up with the length of the vines.  To the right of the Blackie, is Stonecrop, and some Pink Zinnias.

Above the vines are planted  (from the left) Torenia, also called the Wishbone, Angelonia in white and lavender. The middle and back has White Pentas (the tall ones), Caladiums, and the beautiful deep purple Persian Shield, which is a tender perennial. 

Behind the caladiums and Mystic Spires Salvia. And there is a taller yellow blooming bush behind that. 

The work now is to keep it all watered and to accept that some of these annuals cannot make it through the whole summer with our extreme heat. I hope your gardening adventures are going well!

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Beautiful! I love that Persian Shield and don't have any. Might have to remedy that this weekend. I do love perennials but I'm very picky about them. I don't want any that look too weedy as many of them do. :)

  2. Hi Stacey,
    I agree, that Persian Shield is a beautiful plant! It's also so nice to have the rich pretty color in the leaves and that color will last even as the flowers of other plants come and go. Sometimes those weedy looking plants do find their way into my gardening, but they need to have some fabulous colors to stay. Happy Weekend!

  3. It's beautiful, Donna! I love all the shades of green and doesn't every garden need a "pretty little lovely?" (Great expression!) Makes me anxious to get going on my little patio planting.

  4. Hello Linda,
    The shades of green in the garden always delight me and adding the purple is a special treat for the eyes.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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