Monday, October 20, 2014

~ Halloween Mantel 2014 -The Decorated House - Elegant Black and White Decorating

Halloween Decorating Elegant Black and White - The Decoratd House

Instead of all the spooky stuff, you can choose to enchant with a more elegant style when decorating for this fun packed holiday! It's almost Halloween time again, and that means it is a perfect time for adding some elegant black back into the decorating mix. Black and white has always been such a classic combination. I like to add Vintage Silver and Mercury glass, and Old Books ... along with a tiny bit of spookiness. The only really spooky thing is those spiders! Spiders are not one of my favorite guys outside, but
they add a fun glitter and texture as you see them "running up" the fake spider webs.

Just by adding a few Halloween type elements like the spider webs, spiders and crows, you can transform your space into a fun holiday treat for your family and those who come to visit. 

The pumpkin topiary is made with 2 faux pumpkins, one painted white and one black, with a darling plush velvet one sitting on top. The stem on the velvet pumpkin is made from air dried paper clay.

The Decorated House 2014 Halloween Mantel in Black and White

It's been a busy outdoor projects time for us right now, and getting out all the Halloween stuff seemed to one more chore at first. With no young children at home anymore, why bother. But whenever I think of just letting it go, I remember that each year there is always at least one little Trick or Treating Goblin who smiles more and giggles more than all the others when she sees the Halloween mantel and other decorating each year when I open the door. That is often the reason to start decorating. By the time I'm done, the fun Halloween spirit is welcomed.

The Decorated House - Halloween Mantel Black and White

The little ruffle under the Mercury Glass gourd was made by taking a wired ribbon and pulling one of the wires to make a circle. Then bend the wires together and you have a cute little bib of sorts for some place you would like to add color or texture or just a touch of whimsy. Beau Bunny is waiting for the Snickers to arrive while sitting on top of a chalk painted white pumpkin and the vintage milk glass vase gives lift in height to the Mercury Glass gourd.

The Decorated House - Black and White Halloween Mantel

Cheers! to the wonder and magic of celebrating Halloween with a child's heart. 
~ See Y'All Soon!


  1. It looks amazing! I'm slow to get out the Halloween this year too. I was working on my own mantel last night and still have not finished.


    1. Hi Nita,
      I hope you are having a lovely weekend and having some time to play with Halloween decorations!
      Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Donna hello, your mantel looks great! Are you on IG that's where I am mostly?? I'm popping into blog land tonight hope all is well ��

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

    1. Hi Kathy,
      It's so nice to see you. Since it took me a few minutes to figure out "IG" that might mean I am not on! :)
      But I am happy you stopped by, and thank you for saying hi and leaving your nice note.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Katie,
      Thanks for coming by and taking time to leave your sweet comment.

  4. Donna your house always loks so festive! I can't ever seem to get in halloween mode!


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