Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~ Halloween Chandelier

A new art print in the shop for Halloween. Isn't if fun? I love mixing things which interest me the most for decorating everyday with a holiday. Chandeliers and Halloween seemed like a great combination.

I'm watching the guys putting the roof on and waiting for the landscape guy who put the French drain in to come by for $$. It's great to get these things done but not relaxing fun. Although it all needs to be done, it's always a bit of a surprise writing the checks. Deep breath in!

Watching the weather channel during hurricane season is a way of life. Even when you stop holding your breath in hopes that the next one will miss you, you still watch hoping and praying for where it is headed. What a season! Hope you are all doing OK and none of the storms have caused any real damage to any of you.

I'll be back when the dust settles a little bit. See ya' soon!


  1. Cute new print, Donna. Gosh, isn't hurricane season crazy?! (((Donna)))

  2. Love the new print!!

    This does seem like it's going to be a bad hurricane season. Even though we're in Atlanta, we still get the mess from the outerbands - the tornadoes, monsoon rain etc.


  3. How cute! I love a good chandelier and you really know what to do with them! I have a cute one in my daughters's fun!

    -Sandy Toes

  4. Cute print Donna!

    It's been raining here since Tuesday night, as a direct result of Gustav. We're at the lake. I have a laptop and internet access here, now.

    Actually, we're enjoying the rain and have the sliding doors open.

    Stay safe during this season of hurricanes!!

  5. I adore crows, I have some fake ones on my front porch display, stop by for a visit when you can!

    I love all your amazing art work!
    Donna Lynn

  6. Thinking of you dear friend - hoping things settle down for you soon and the rain water and hurricanes leave you, your hubby and your baby bird alone! I hope her nest is better now and all dry!! I love your new creation too - awesome, as always!

  7. Great print, Donna! I hate those pesky no-fun, big-ticket home repair items! (sigh)

    Here's hoping Hnna & Co. spare ya in FLA!

  8. Do you still have this print available? I love the diamond background!


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