Friday, February 27, 2009

~ Yes... No.... Yes.... No

After a whole week of driving all over this place, I don't have a lot to show for it. But it was fun anyway. We went to places where we had been before and discovered some new ones.

Yes, I did love this green vintage glass ware. But I talked myself out of starting a new love affair with them, so....

No I did not get any of it. But I snapped a picture in case I "need" some later.

Yes, there were some fabulous old bottles in a couple of booths.
This guy had so many, so no....

I did not buy this many. I just added a few to my growing little box of goodies like this.

There were only a few vendors who had really great old hardware. This lady was very busy, and had one of the best selections of old junk/treasures. No....

I did not get anything here.
Although a great selection, I didn't need
anything that day

As we have gone out everyday looking, I again realized that the prices at the Extravaganza are often the best we find. If it was still going on this weekend, I might have wandered back up the road to look around some more.

And Yes! it was a great week with just the two of us tripping around in the truck looking for that special treasures. Sweet Hubby is back to work on Monday, but it was fun vacation, even though we "stayed at home."

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
See ya' soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~ Renninger's Extravaganza, Feb 2009

It was a beautiful crisp, cool day as we meandered through the rows filled with a wonderful diversity of goods ranging from treasures to junk. As far as you could see, there were tables and tents stretching on and on. It seemed that there were as many sellers this time as usual, but many said sales were down from years before.

We had a short list of things that we were hoping to find but didn't really find those. We were lucky to find a few others things though. I'm almost wishing that we had returned on Sunday to see if you missed any of the rows.

These are a few of the fabulous things that we really liked, but left for the next person.

The antique ceiling tins were huge. Where would we put them? I couldn't think of any place, but Sweet Hubby thought we should get one anyway. It was tough to walk away. His logic was we finally remembered to bring the truck, we should at least get something big. With those gorgeous fleur de lis designs, they were stunning.

I saw how easy it was to be fooled by metal and iron that was new but had been left outside for a while. Several vendors were selling rusty but new things. It appeared that a few people were fooled. I hope they just didn't care that the same items came from Michael's or Marshall's for half the price before they had been quickly rusted.

This iron was the real thing though. So beautiful with its amazing rusting, aged patina.

We are hitting every antique and pre-owned, and thrifty store this week that we can find, looking for some old furniture pieces to use for storage. So far not much luck. Maybe the next trip out will find a treasure.

See ya' soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Thankful Thursday, Decorating - Where to Begin

One Good Painting, a lovely Frame,
and fabulous Raku Pottery.
(Painting by Sweet Hubby,
Raku from Winter Park Art Show,
Frame from a Mirror at Ross.)

Thankful Thursday is a funny title because it seems an odd time of the week to stop for a moment and be quiet and reflective. That's why I like it, a good reminder.

Things to start with. Art. Plain and simple. Good art, real art, not something that came from Target. I totally understand that it's not cheap to do this. But there is nothing that compares to real art, except a handwoven rug, or a fine antique.

Start with as close to an empty room as possible. Add the one or two special things that you have, the art, a rug or an antique. Let it sit. For a day or so. Then decide not only what do you need the room to function as (yes, I know that's important) but how to build the room around your treasures. It gives you fresh perspective.

If you have one good painting, who cares if the sofa came from a thrift shop. It can be recovered. Wonderful art is a luxury I know. But it will last forever, you don't toss it out like a worn out sofa.

We were really surprised the last few art shows that we visited how much the prices had increased. Next month is one of the largest and best in the US that is held nearby. Sweet Hubby has shown in this one. The high quality is worth the day of viewing. About 150,000 people show up, to look, and hopefully to buy since many of the artists rely on art shows for their total incomes.

A setting like the one above in the first picture could be expensive on a modest budget. But you can find original art for any budget. I know how lucky I am that Sweet Hubby has such an amazing talent and so in every room we can have original art. He also loves exploring for antique treasures with me so we have a few of those, too. Finding art is like anything else worthwhile, it might take some effort to go out and hunt. Check out art shows, and places like Etsy. At most large and quality art shows, they have a student section. This is a fabulous way to have original art from students who may be exceptionally good.

The raku pottery was one of those special gifts, not an everyday expenditure. What I love the best about it is not just the outstanding quality, but that it reminds me of the wonderful day we had together at the art show hoping to find one special something, and then deciding on these together. Actually there is another large vase. This one was my favorite, and the other one was Sweet Hubby's. Then we did a little bargaining and we got the small third piece for free. Good art makes a room special!

Framing can be so expensive. For this size painting, with comparable molding, the price was over $300. Instead I find mirrors in ornate frames at Ross, Home Goods, and Marshall's and remove the mirror. The frames then costs $60 to $100. Quite a savings. Of course sometimes you get very lucky and find old frames at thrift shops, consignment shops or garage sales. I'm working on a couple of frames that we found a couple of weeks ago at a consignment shop. One more thing on that long to-do list.

See ya' soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

~ Study of White, Tell Me It's Friday

It's Friday!!

When I was in school studying art, I loved drawing simple white draped fabrics. I still love white. It keeps calling me back again. Do you long for white that is aged, crumbling and peeling? It's so beautiful. If I can't have that, I'll take a nice painted antiqued finish. Off white, with touches of umbers and taupes, and a dash of sienna.

See ya' soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~ Almost Time for Renninger's Extravaganza, Take the Truck!

The gym memberships are getting expensive and I really didn't think we were getting our money's worth since we can't go more than twice a week. OK, so "I" could, but I don't go unless sweet hubby can go which is on the weekends. When I called to ask about any offers other than our renewal amount, I mentioned this to the nice guy. And he told me they just happened to have a plan for slouchers like me! I was delighted. No he didn't actually call me that. Everyone was happy. I saved $200, hubby got me to sign up again, and the gym kept customers who have been with them for 10 years.

But what did sweet hubby say when I told him that I saved some money? He said, great, now you have another $200 to spend at Renninger's. I told you he was sweet hubby.

We are going to take the truck. This silly guy didn't. They did get this large piece in the bug. However, I never did see him get in the car to drive it.

A few people like this guy couldn't help but watch to see if it could be done!

The stores inside pack their shops for the event!

Hundreds of vendors come from all over to set up their booths.

And you can find some wonderful treasures like these old ceiling tin moldings.
The one on the bottom came home with us.

The pictures are from of the last Extravaganza that we went to. It can wear you out. But of course it's a totally fun adventure. Just in case anyone is within driving distance here are the dates and info. Feb 20, 21, 22. And you can see an arieal veiw here.

See ya' soon!
Hope you are having fun traveling to all the blog give aways for OWOH.