Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Black Chandelier & Friends

Halloween Art Print Raven Chandelier Donna ~ The Decorated House

I love chandeliers and a black one is so interesting. However, if you fancy one for your decorating, be prepared that it is the perfect home for a couple of Ravens wanting to belt out a tune or two.

Ebony and Blackie love to sing for their dinner. They aren't supposed to be able to sing? Well it's a magical house where all birds can sing, and they do so beautifully, at least to them.

This fanciful perch on the chandelier is their favorite stage to present their performances. They can even make it sway a bit to the beat.

And Halloween is their most favorite time to sing out loud. However on Halloween it sometimes sounds like someone rocking over a cat's tail. Just for Halloween of course. Makes the kiddies wonder what the heck they that noise is when they come for Trick or Treat!

See Y'all Soon!


  1. Very pretty, Donna, I love it! Halloween is my birthday and I make some horrible noises myself - when I realize how old I am that day!

  2. Yes, the harlequin background chandelier is in the shop now, too.

    Thanks for asking.

    Kathy you must have eaten a lot of candy for your birthday over the years!

  3. You are such a tease! We're dying to see the new walkway and landscaping! LOL


  4. Donna I am so sorry to have not posted a comment when I received this print back in October. Thank you so very much it is lovely. I still haven't framed it. My husband even liked it.

    I purchased the print on a different account. It wasn't until I decided to utilize my blog that I understood the importance of commenting. So I do sincerely apologize!

    Thank you again!


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