Monday, August 24, 2009

~ Dining Room, Raise the Ceiling Trick

(Repeat post from 2007. Dining Room)

This is a great trick and the results are beautiful
when you have a room that could use a little lift!
I'm going to take some new pictures
of the dining room. But this one is good for now!

Here is close up picture of the ceiling.
At the top of the wall is embossed paper,
trimmed on the top and bottom with small molding.

Measuring and cutting the angles for the molding on the ceiling was a bear! Makes you love trim carpenters. We had lots of bad cuts trying to figure the angles, but kept at it until if fit.

The first part of the ceiling next to the wall is painted the same white as the molding so that it lifts the eye up without stopping at the usual area of wall meeting ceiling.

Never worry if you don't get the perfect color the very first time in any room! I had to test the green color a few times until the color "lifted" the ceiling. Too dark and it looked closer, too light and it didn't have the depth it needed. The same green is used in the faux transom over the doorway, and repeats on the ceiling in the next room.

The columns were moved into the corners after I removed them from the other side of the dining room. Now they look like older salvaged pieces, even though they are only about 20 years old. I liked the way they looked here and just left them.

I spent the entire day at Sweet Daughter's house while the gutters were being installed. At least got to see Project Runway which she recorded for me since I don't get Lifetime. I also watched Sara Richardson who is such a talented designer. Otherwise, daytime TV could drive someone batty!

Paint projects soon to show!
See Y'all Soon!


  1. Still one of my favorite DR's. Love those columns and the French feel of the entire room. Can't wait to see those new projects.

  2. What a beautiful room! I love that idea. I need to do it in my office!


  3. I love the look, Donna! I think my hubby would go nuts if I asked him to do something like this, but I love the look anyway. The columns look just perfect there and I like your window treatments.

  4. A beautiful room. I have really enjoyed your latest posts on you house and yard, quite inspiring. Love your blog.

  5. Oh yes, this is still one of my all time favorite rooms (and your sunporch). I never noticed the faux transoms before! You guys do so much with molding! It would be great to see some closeups and how to's when you get a chance!

    No, dentists are never fun! I hate going and have to take a few valium to get me in the door! Thanks - I'm tired but feeling much better today!


  6. Ahhh.... our beautiful dining room that we all love so much!

    just perfection, that's all.

    LOVE it and all of your designin' brilliance.


  7. Wow!this a so beautiful room!i love it.


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