Friday, May 25, 2012

~ Decorating with Antique Blue Bottles on The Mantel

 Although I seldom decorate with pink, sometimes it just fits the mood. This time of year when there are flowers outside, it is so enjoyable to have them inside as well.  So many times I look for something different
to put cut flowers in. I love these antique blue bottles which I use often like this.

Since I just got most of the flowers in the ground, I wasn't quite ready to do a lot of cutting yet. But I had a few flowers still in very good shape from Mother's Day bouquets. And the ones that were in the best condition just happen to be pink. And they looked really pretty once I paired them with the antique bottles.

This display added such a fresh feeling of summer to the living room. The flowers were on their way out the door and the bottles I've been collecting one or two here and there over years.  Not one penny spent but a totally new look to enjoy! Of course it will be time soon to bring in some blooms from outside. And that will be another reason to use those wonderful little bottles. 

See Y'all Soon~

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  1. I have many antique bottles in storage waiting for our house to be built. They were collected by my boyfriend when he was younger and only re-discovered a little whie ago when his parents moved out if their family house and went through everything. Seeing this post makes me excited to wash them and out them on display! So beautiful.

  2. Oh Pandora, what a lucky treasure to find bottles from a family home!

  3. I love those bottles. They couldn't look more perfect with your flowers in them. Lovely!

  4. The combination of blue and pink is so pretty.
    Mary Alice

  5. Such a wonderful idea! They look gorgeous on your mantle...and I can see them in a bathroom and on a night stand.


  6. I love to see how something so simple, cheap and old makes others smile as well. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  7. Those are beautiful there, Donna. I love how Summery it looks- Blessings- xo Diana

  8. Donna,
    This is simplicity as its finest! Adore the varying shades of pink!!! Lovely post! Lovely look for your mantle!

  9. So pretty against the white background!

  10. I Collect Vintage and Antique Bottles and they have so many uses for Art Projects and Displays... your Vase Bottles are so Sweet and Photographed Beautifully!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Love the display - so simple yet so pretty.

  12. I have done just this type of grouped bottles with florals myself. There is a simple beauty to it that brings a bit of romance to any space with out over doing it.
    In spiring beauty over here.

  13. Hello Donna! Found you from The Open House party today and I am your newest follower. I love the bottles~a collectible of mine as well. Your display is gorgeous! I hope you will stop over for a visit~Angie


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