Monday, January 28, 2019

Ex Voto, Heart Beach Stones & Red Roses for Valentine's Day

I wrote about these pretty beach heart stones that we found at the beach a few years ago before. I was looking for beach stones and shells in colors to inspire the colors for decorating our home.   It seemed like it took a couple of years to find some pretty way to display the heart stone and keep them in sight to remind us of our love of the ocean and a wonderful little vacation. Finally I found the shadow box and added the antique key and the Ex-Voto silver Heart. The white shadow box has stayed just like this, simply moved around sometimes. 

Even at Christmas time red was a bit too bright for me.  But as the colors outside fade with the winter months, the red roses were a welcome treat to bring home. Even this early before Valentine's Day.

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Beautiful Photograph! The beach stones look so nice in your shadowbox...and make a lovely Valentines vignette with the red roses.

  2. What a gorgeous photograph and I just love your pretty stones. What a great way to display them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a pretty vignette, Donna! I love your framed piece ~ even the frame is beautiful. Love the little crown and heart sitting nearby, too. I've been eyeing the tulips at the grocery store and am sure I'll come home with at least one of those this week.

  4. Donna,
    Such an exquisite vignette!!!
    The red roses are perfectly showcased near your silver and white!
    Have a marvelous week, dear friend!!!


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