Thursday, February 28, 2019

To Our Sweet Puppy Girl Regen ~ We Love You

I confessed 10 years ago, right here, that before Cody Bear came along, I didn't really understand crazy dog people. I guess I  did think they were just a tiny bit overzealous when it came to their "furbabies." But after Cody came in the family, I totally understood. Cody had both his houses, ours and our daughter's,  much to himself as well as the people who came with each house. He spends every weekday with us, and the evenings and weekends are with his mommy at her house.

When Regen came to live with Cody and his mommy, she brought along her daddy (a human 😁) and her brother another large dog, a Belgian Malinois. Cody has taken it all in stride.

Just a few short weeks ago, Regen suddenly seemed not to be feeling well, and when her daddy took her to the vet, he found out she had a serious problem with her spleen and it would need to be removed. And that most dogs didn't survive the surgery, and if she did, the spleen could have cancer. It was a huge, and very sad, shock to say the least.

Incredibly, she went through it all extremely well, and they said she recovered better than any dog they had seen before for this surgery. We were so happy, but even more ecstatic when the test came back negative for her spleen tissue. Then we celebrated big time!

Then out of the blue, she looked a bit strange  Saturday morning 2 weeks later, and her daddy took it to the vet again. She immediately sent him to another clinic that could do a more advanced ultrasound. That day the heartbreak began again.

The vet  said Regen had a rare, very fast moving cancer of the blood. They suggested she be "put to  rest" that day. If you have, or have ever had, a dog that is/was as close as a human to you as you can imagine, then you know what that day was like. She came home with her daddy, to all the love we could give.

Regen was the puppy of the family. She was only 8 years old, and acted like 2 or 3, just a complete silly, sweet puppy girl. Her mommy and daddy were so devastated. They took her to a wholistic vet as well to see if there was anything else they could do. For about 2 weeks, she had everything we were told might help. And a few days she seemed better, not fully back, but better. She liked her special meals of homemade bone broth, grilled salmon and steak with choice vegetables. We had hope of her being with us longer.

As she slowed down, at first we brought all 3 dogs to our house during the day. When it was more difficult for her, I went over to their house and stayed during the day so she wouldn't be alone at all since both her "parent" had to go back to work. Sweet hubby spent some hours there too so I would a have a break. Last Wed, it began is seemed much closer to her going. And that night - early morning she quietly went in her sleep. Cody had stayed with her most of the night, which is very unusual for him. He likes his own space. The time went by so fast, only a few short weeks between thinking she was perfectly healthy to her being gone. We've cried for  days as everything little thing reminds us of her.

Only a week later it is so difficult. Every time an old blog friend has lost a pet over the last 10 years I could feel their pain, more after Cody came into our lives. When Regen, and her brother Timi, came along I found there was room to love even more dogs. And I am so thankful that they did come into our lives. I thank you for stopping by, and listening.

Our Beloved Regen left this world on Feb 21 2019
As we told you daily before you had to go.
Thank You! Reggie, We will love you always.