Friday, March 2, 2007

~ Kitchen - Finished Pictures

Thanks again for stopping by and the nice comments
about the kitchen.

The Finished Kitchen:
Window Treatment:
1st Remodel with White Painted Cabinets:

To say this was a "remodel" on a budget is an understatement! I probably had a total of $1,000 for all appliances, countertops and paint. The counter in the foreground was wood. It had benefits, but some drawbacks as well since it is a porous surface.

So this white kitchen looks a bit vintage? Well, yes, this picture is from the early to mid 90's. Before the big trend of white kitchens hit blogs anyway. The white was a lot of work to keep clean and back then only crisp, clean white counted. There wasn't much glazing going on in the commercial lines.


  1. Such a nice job !!! Thanks for sharing. We recently put in a new kitchen, my accent color is black and I have the same island stools as yours, my curtains are similar too. Might be one of the reasons I enjoyed seeing your kitchen so much !!

    We have a family blog...I don't have my own...I should look into getting one.

    I found another blog I think you might enjoy: Cottage Bethy

    Take care,
    Kathy :)

  2. I have enjoyed your kitchen pictures over the last few days. It is a gorgeous kitchen and so inviting and warm. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse. One day in the future I can hope my kitchen will be so wonderful. Thanks again.

  3. I just found your blog by way of several others and I'm so glad I did. Your home and decorating is beautiful!!! I haven't read very far, but I was wondering how you did your cabinets? If you kept the orginals, did you just strip the paint then glaze them? Did you add the roping and molding to them? Are they real wood or fiberboard? They look stunning!!!

  4. I think my husband wants me to stop looking at the photos of your house...I keep whining..."OMG...loooook at this" and "oooh look at that" - as I show him the photos on my laptop screen of your home. lol!
    I love white kitchen cabinets, I actually want to paint our old oak ones.(well they aren't that old - 16 years - but I want the room brighter).
    OH did I tell you I love your house...heehee

  5. Wow!!!
    Enjoy this, for it is stunning!!!!

  6. One of my favorite places!! Just beautiful Donna!

  7. Beautiful! Simply beautiful. I linked to you so that others could see your talent. Can you come over and play in my kitchen...

  8. What a beautiful kitchen redo. Love, love the wood canopy and marble. You must be so pleased.

  9. Oh.My.Goodness! I wish it didn't take me so long to make my blogging rounds because I'm late in the game finding your beautiful kitchen remodel entries and photos! I just can't believe it's the same kitchen! Wow! Your creativity simply amazes me. I don't know if you've addressed this before, but are you a professional designer? When I see your before kitchen photos, I am even more convinced that there is hope for my kitchen yet! Thank you for sharing these! ~Kim

  10. Absolutely to die for kitchen!! Great tASTE AND job well done! Man would I love to cook in there!

  11. Your kitchen looks lovely! The coloured ceiling looks great, too.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :)

  12. Wow, I'm late to the party, but am posting any way. First your home is beautiful. You are so talented.
    A couple of things, your kitchen remodel have made me love my cherry kitchen cabinets and your ceiling treatment in your dining room is similar to what I did in my old house to make my ceilings appear higher.

    May I link your post to my blog?

  13. Your kitchen is just gorgeous:) So cozy and warm. I have a the actual color of the kitchen wall that olive green and you also painted the ceiling the same to match the walls? Or are the walls beige? Thank you so much for the reply in advance.


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