Thursday, March 1, 2007

~ Kitchen Thursday

Thanks for your notes on the kitchen!
Handpainted mural on tumbled tile, with bronze accent tiles.

Niche built above existing cabinets. We also cut out the middle of the cabinets and had a vintage looking glass installed at a stained glass shop.

We removed the top one third of the existing cement block peninsula and rebuilt it so it has some shallow storage for baskets of onions and potatoes and cookbooks on the other side. The new wall cupboard we built helps with storage and is great for display.


  1. What a gorgeous kitchen! You have done an amazing job with your decorating.

  2. So beautifully put together!

  3. Your entire kitchen is an absolute delight!


  4. Oh, goodness! There's more? Wow, that is an awesome kitchen!!Ya'll have done a fantastic job!!
    Come visit me!

  5. Such a talent you have! The kitchen is just perfection. I'm in awe, I'm an awe girl, just oozing with awe, that's me!

  6. Is there more is there more???? lol I am enjoying this soooo much !!!

    Kathy :)

  7. seriously your kitchen really makes me want to get started...we redid our kitchen a little over 16 years ago and now I hate the counter top tiles and the cabinets. I am still deciding if I want to paint them, do some sort of treatment to them. The counter tops is another issue as I can't imagine the mess and mayhem to knick out the existing counter top. Yikes! Your kitchen, your home is just beautiful!

  8. Of course, all of it is beautiful! But I especially love the handpainted mural on the tumbled tile!!! Yesssssss!!!

    We have somewhat similar tiles, over our stove. When I saw mine, I fell in love at first sight. Bet you did too, with yours.


  9. It's absolutely beautiful and full of creativity.

  10. I have so many ideas and now just want to get started!! Your litchen is just so gorgeous it hurts!! You are just oozing with creativity and special ideas. Oh how I adore that rabbit (in front of the hand painted tiles) well dressed too!
    The hand painted tiles are splendid! I have collected many rooster and hen ones to intersperse with other tiles someday!! Ooh, now I am growing impatient after seeing your space.

  11. Your kitchen is very elegant...It would be a pleasure to create a culinary delight there.

  12. Your kitchen is simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Now, how did you get your "comment" sections to read...fabulous people wrote here? Love it!


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