Wednesday, March 28, 2007

~ On the Road Again with Boo Dahlia

It was so good to get a little flirty skirt on that bunny body, and she felt more like a lady now. Booie packed up her new clothes and her journal which now had a new cover made from a 25 year old wedding dress that Kimi so sweetly used for it.

A chill came over Boo Dahlia even as she was getting lots of big hugs from Kimi and her daughter wishing her a wonderful trip. Everything had been fabulous here with Kimi, but Boo couldn't put her finger on it, and even if she had one, she still couldn't know what it was.

She had intended to go off to the Rainy Place, Seattle to see Mistress Joody next, but instead she went to California to see Jood's sister Jan and niece Michelle. She felt an urgency to get to the Rainy Place, but she needed to go to California first. She wasn't quite ready to go to Seattle yet.

Kimi wished Booie a fond farewell, but Booie still had a terrible feeling something was in the air. She didn't know what it was, nor could she have been prepared for it if she had.

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  1. Haha. Thank's . Your so cute.

    Yes Mia said: Wonderfully Nice, Honey!

    Big Hug from me. Hope you will visit me again. Have a nice day.// Stina


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