Wednesday, April 4, 2007

~ Boo Dahlia and Jood's Gifts

All together our art doll round robin group worked and played on 24 dolls. Four rounds of 6 dolls, Michelle and her mom, Jan (Jood's sister), did one doll together each time to send out, then there was Kathryn, Kimi, Jood and Cindy who you will meet shortly. Each art doll is so amazing, and several appeared in Art Doll Quarterly, but Boo Dahlia is special to me.
Boo loved being with Jood and you can see why from her picture. Doesn't she look happy?
Jood was having so much fun with Booie. She made her arms, fixed up her hat with some pink and added pink to her cheeks, fixed her ear, made the bustier and of course, made Booie smile. Jood had enough creative energy in her to light a city. She brought lots of light to our group.
Working on the art dolls was the easy part. We also sent out the journals and sometimes that got put on the back burner. And just as important, we had to get them boxed up and sent in the mail!
Booie didn't want to leave. But for Jood, getting Booie off again on her way to finally see Mistress Cindy in B'Ham, and then back home to me, was extremely important.
Jood, however, became too weak to get Booie out the door.
Her note said...As you can see, at times (from meds) I cannot write well (shaky), and since my angel daughter was here...taking such wonderful care of her momma, and she loves crafting, I asked her to put together the journal pages for me. She said it was so fun. What a Godsend she is.
What a Godsend it is to know Jood.


  1. When on the way to B'ham, I hope Booie and Mistress Cindy will pop into the Whistlestop Cafe for some green tomatoes.
    Do they like fried green tomatoes?

  2. I don't know about Booie, but I sure am gonna have to get by the Whistlestop Cafe myself. Sandi's recipes always sound wonderful.

    Carry on, Booie!

    Southern Hospitality

  3. I'm popping by to wish you a blessed Easter weekend...I'm off to Whistlestop. hugs NG

  4. May you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family Donna and to Miss Booie and her friends!

    Donna, I've tagged you for The Thinking Blogger Award in my Easter post today!


  6. In the last couple of months I have loved getting to know you all! A few I knew before, but it's different with the blogs isn't it?
    It's more like having a little chat on the phone every few days.

    Thank you to each of you!
    May your Easter be filled with Happiness!


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