Tuesday, April 3, 2007

~ EveryBunny Needs a BOOstier

I'm so happy that you are enjoying the story of Boo Dahlia the Art Doll. Her journey has brought some heartfelt lessons to me. Thanks for letting me share her with you.
At the end of August, and indeed at the tail end of hurricane season, here at home, we sat through the eye of a hurricane. A small hurricane, which made it very interesting and not quite as scary, but the eye of a hurricane nonetheless. After a couple of days we had phone service and family and friends were happy to get in touch with us again.

That is a picture looking down our street after the storm. Our house is exactly to the right, that's the tree at the front street line. You couldn't see any further than the lady & girl standing in front of my neighbors's house.
Soon a call came in...from Jood! She wanted to make sure I was OK. Me??? I yelled back, it's just a hurricane, how are YOU!? I was stunned at her kindness that she took the time to call me when she was going through chemo and all the other stuff to fight the cancer. It so touched my heart. But this is Jood.
Oh, the attention that Booie Dear received from the gracious Mistress Joody. This was an enchanting woman, a Giver of Light and Love. At first Jood was doing pretty good. Booie could see that she grew weaker as time went by. I like to think that playing with Booie made her life better. Jood certainly gave so much to each of the art dolls. The time, care and attention always astounded me when the dolls were done.
Booie had a lovely shirt when she arrived, but you could see through it. So Jood made her the most wonderful BOOstier which met with Boo's approval with "oui oui's" and she thought it was so fittingly French. She must have still thought this was Paris Jood said. Jood also noted that Boo did not get acupuncture, her hips just made a perfect pin cushion while Jood was busy sewing.


  1. Wowie!! I've never been in a hurricane before and hope I never am!
    Please come to my 'potluck' on friday :)

  2. Booie's story and the stories of those assisting her along the way, are wonderful!!

    Thank you dear Donna!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. I'm enjoying following Booie's journey, too...what a wonderful story-teller you are!

  4. This has been SO much fun... an incredible journey through your sharing and your creativity from you and like-minded souls..


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