Friday, April 6, 2007

~ Happy Easter ~ Let Your Light Shine

Finally Boo Dahlia was with Mistress Cindy of B'Ham. It was a long trip from one end of the country to the other and back, but it was all worth it when she walked through the door to Cindy. Fried green tomatoes? Oh yes, they did go to the Whistle Stop, and it was the best food in the city. They needed the comfort of southern cooking.
When Jood passed on, Cindy was devastated and now Booie understood why her journey had taken the twists and turns that it had. She needed to be with Jood before she left, and she needed to be with Cindy now. There were days that they just sat and talked, and sometimes no talking was needed.

Cindy's home and gardens were beautiful and healing. She is the force and strength behind our art journey group. She brought us all together. Booie understood Cindy's broken heart, hers was as well. Cindy did not find much to improve with Booie. Jood had put the finishing touches on her. Cindy wrote a lovely poem and made pretty journal pages and painted the stand that Booie liked to use. Booie was a reminder of Jood's love of the art dolls, but she was good reminder. It was time for her to return home and comfort me, too.

Last year I found out that I was sick. At first I didn't know how serious it was. The doctor said I needed minor surgery and it would be fine, it didn't look really bad. We hung on those words and were shocked a few weeks later when the biopsy showed a different conclusion and I needed major surgery. But not chemo or radiation thank God.

I walked through the living room a few days after my doctor's visit and there was the most beautiful stream of light shining through the side window. I stopped to see where the light was going.

It was shining directly on Boo Dahlia, who had come out for Easter, standing sweetly on the entry table. To me, it was sign. Oh I know it was just natural sunlight coming in a window, but it was more to me. There was a comforting feeling that it would be all right. I even tried to make the light do the same thing a day or so later, but I couldn't catch the exact moment. Booie didn't move from her spot but the sun had continued on with its journey.
She did however smile with a twinkle in her eye. The sun doesn't stop shining when one of us leaves, but the Light we leave behind goes on and on.
Happy Easter to each of you, and I hope you dance in Light and let your Light Shine!


  1. Happy Easter to you! And thank you for your kind words on my site today...

  2. Thank you so much for you sweet message, and most of all your friendship and generous nature.

    You've been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award...please see my blog...

    Happy Easter to you and yours!


  3. Have a blessed Easter dear Donna.
    The light shines, not only on Boo, but on you as well.

  4. I've eaten fried green tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe at Juliette, GA and taken a walk around the town. However, I did not eat bar-b-que there. I remembered what it was made of in the movie!

    You have a blessed Easter......

  5. Hello dear Donna and Boo! Happy Happy Easter!


  6. Happy Easter my dear friend! The light shines not only on you, but through you to all those who you know and love you. What a blessing you are Donna!

  7. "The sun doesn't stop shining when one of us leaves, but the Light we leave behind goes on and on" -

    Thank you for that line in particular.
    I hope you have a light filled Easter!

  8. What fun! Wonderful to catch up befor Easter

  9. Happy Easter to you, Donna! Finally updating my blogroll..thanks for the link here! xoC

  10. And happy Easter to you too! Well, it is almost over, but, enjoy the rest of it :) And chocolate as well, haha :)

  11. This little light of mine... I'm going to let it shine-
    Shine on my friend!
    I'm glad to know that they enjoyed their fried green tomatoes, but did Boo think to bring home a box of mix for you?


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