Monday, April 16, 2007

~ Monday ~ Corners of My Home

The morning room had ugly cement block walls when we first moved in. This was a "breezeway" of that time period, a room right off the kitchen. I did what anyone would do in the 80's, I wallpapered it! It takes two layers of course to get rid of the lines of the blocks. You know that was fun to strip later on.

Now I'm happy to have the blocks. I love old stone walls, so after stripping the paper, I painted the walls to look like stone. In a couple of places I did a broken stone effect. This is one of them.
The ceiling in here was green for a long time, but with a grayish tone. Then a few years ago, when the kiwi green became a part of the decor, my hubby painted the ceiling for me. I really don't like painting ceilings. Does anyone? I guess not. I think almost everyone who buys an older house has one or two (or 100!) things like this that start out as the worst parts, and end up as some of the best for making it a home.

This once ugly area is a favorite spot to me now. The room just beyond the door is the Family Room.

*Added: The border around the room is anaglypta, embossed paper. Although I don't care for wallpaper borders, I make an exception for anaglypta. I love the carved molding effect they can give. As you can see this one has been painted to give it an aged look.


  1. SO pretty! Your talents are unending, and you and your DH have made your home into a showplace. Your photos are always an inspiration to me...and the best part is because you did it yourself. Your home is so personal.

  2. This looks great! By the way, I love all the kiwi green in your fresh!

  3. I LOVE what you did what the walls! Is that pattern band at the top painted too?

  4. I'm lovin' these corner shots around your home, Donna!! Beautiful painting and I love that green ceiling!

    Back Porch Musings

  5. It's always a pleasure to see the little corners of your home "up close & personal"...when you do them, they are a work of art. You know I love your house very much & always have.

    Southern Hospitality

  6. I always find inspiration here and I love that you and your DH do all these things yourselves! It's just beautiful!


  7. It is pure pleasure to see pictures of your home. So beautiful, so warm, so inspiring.
    I love every nook and corner!

  8. I'm trying to catch up on some blogs....I love coming here because I'm always sure to see something beautiful! I love the "stone" walls. Your home is so pretty.

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  10. I'm so, so in love with your home and the loving work you've put into it! You're making me not want to leave our 120 year old house and instead spend all my time restoring it, lol. Ugh...spend the next 10 years and all my spare money on this beautiful old house or move to a blah new home in a blah community where I don't have to worry about the tile roof needing to be repainted or replacing windows, cabinets, floors, ect. Sigh...

  11. I'd never heard of anaglypta. It gives a great effect! Thank you for another inspirational photo of your lovely home!

  12. Your home is so lovely, but so unique at the same time. Everything you do is so personal and appealing. What a creative treatment of the walls!

  13. Love these little snippets and the stories that they create.Amazing!

  14. This is quite clever, using Trompe here. Thank-you for your kind words on my Blog. You have a wonderful touch with details.

  15. The stone effect is wonderful - your art work lovely. Like you, I think the Anaglypta is super and such fun to work with. I have it below the chair rail in my dining room and have painted it several times.
    Your lovely home, and what you have done with it, continues to inspire.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Another one of my favorite corners of your home! I love what you have created here ~ and I personally love your painted ceilings! You always know exactly how to top off your rooms perfectly. Your attention to detail is simply amazing and inspiring.

  17. Wow! wow! wow! I applaude your creative talent!Looks great! Wow!! hugs NG

  18. absolutely beautiful!
    Have a great weekend.

  19. I've chosen you to receive the Thinking Bloggers Award!
    You can see the post here:

    I love your blog, and I hope to send many readers over to visit!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. To each of you who takes the time to stop and leave a note, thank you. It is appreciated.

    Thank you again to those of you who gave me that thinking blog award. It was extremely kind of you. If I could, I would send a special award to all of you and those I have listed on the sidebar. You all have given me pause to think when I visit.


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