Monday, April 2, 2007

~ Ms. Boo in Paree (or the NW!)

It was almost August and the Rainy Place was pretending to be a warm sunny state, not rainy and cold at all. Boo Dahlia liked it very much. She loved plants and flowers and the green was so beautiful here. Jood's garden was so vibrant and it was nice to see the house back together after the fire. That's another story.

What Booie was not prepared for was how sick Joody was, she had cancer. Although she gave Booie the most wonderful welcome as if she was her old self. Jood was in treatment and taking medicines, but Booie knew this was one of the most important things she would ever do. She had to be as positive as she could be and not be crying and sad all the time. Time was too precious.

But let's go back a bit.
When Boo Dahlia arrived, Jood was astonished to see the condition she was in. Jood wrote in the journal that she thought "when Jan was not sitting at her desk...thinking that Boo spent the day innocently sleeping on it...that bunny was actually partying!
Booie's right ear was broken off, one leg was dangling loose, her face was dirty, and her blouse was down around her waist! Fortunately Jood had just the magic that Boo needed. She could put a smile on anybunny's face.

Lucky for Booie, the wondrous Mistress Joody loved a challenge. When Booie's cousin Soleil had come to visit Jood, she was very slow to leave. She loved this lady and her hospitality. Now Booie knew why.

Booie greeted Jood with, "Ees thees za place to where I am supposed to arrive?" in a very fake French accent. Jood was amused and began in a flurry to put that Bunny Girl back together. She mended the ear, added some long luscious eyelashes and that put a smile on the Bunny's face.


  1. Hi! New to your blog-but what a delight it is. Loved reading the stories of Boo. And love your fairy houses. I'll be sure & visit again :0)

  2. Yes, these stories AND hearing about cute Boo's adventures have been such a delight to read Donna! Your talents never cease to amaze me.... keep up the great work.

  3. I'm enjoying Boo's journey very much! :)

  4. Dear Booie, what an adventure, you're having!


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