Monday, June 25, 2007

~ Happy Monday, New Art

(** Edit Elaine, to find someone to do just painting to make something look like wood, you would want a good faux painter. But you can change a kitchen drastically with new doors. A cabinet maker is your best bet for a great custom look with the use of real wood!)

It looks like rain! Oh that makes me happy. The water bill is going to be a shocker this month watering so much to keep the plants alive.

(Full size, clicking on picture takes you to Etsy.)
My newest collage. Of course she is a Fairy. I'll enjoy working with the little creatures for a long time. It's been so many years anyway, they seem normal to me.

Did I answer your question?????

Please know that if you ask a question, and I don't answer, it's just because I get running around and forget.

The front door was repainted to look like wood but layering brown wood colors and some yellow ochre. It was done quite a while back, but I remember using brushes and rags both. Then it was waxed with paste wax. The kitchen ones were done by using mostly the same colors, but flogging them with a flogging brush. Basically slapping semi-wet glazes.

The ancient Tuscan looking urn in the kitchen side courtyard is really from Mexico. It's big and really old looking. It's a favorite thing.

The old peeling cross has no holes except to hang it in the back. It is a cross for the Sacrament of the Sick. It still has all the stuff inside that the priest would use. It's a bit old looking though!

Hope you all have wonderful day!


  1. I like the rain too!!Love all your photos!!

  2. It's been nice here. We've had more rain than normal! I love it. I like your fairy. I also had fun looking at past posts. I'll have to explore some more. By the way, I love your yard!!

  3. What a beautiful new piece...I love this one!

    It's raining here, too...thank goodness!

    I hope that you're having a good start to your week.

    Love, Andrea

  4. I read through your blog and it is
    amazing what you have done with your
    home in the past twenty years.

    I am truly in awe! You have really
    motivated me to get busy. I love
    the layout of my kitchen, but the
    cabinets are outdated. I would like
    to get new drawer fronts and doors.
    I wish I could find someone who
    could do the type of paint finish
    that you have accomplished. Would a
    cabinet maker be versed in this type of paint finish?

    Beautiful blog!

    ~elaine~ from SoCal

  5. She's lovely! I wish it would rain every day...I miss the late afternoon "thunder boomers" we usually have in the summer.

  6. Oh wow...she is lovely!!!
    Stunning piece

  7. Yes, my water bill was horrendous for last month! Thankfully, we've had a few thundershowers last week and are expecting some this week.

    Love your newest collage! You know I've been patiently waiting. When I saw it I immediately clicked over to your Etsy site all the while hoping it was still there. And it was! I'm so thrilled, I can't wait to get it!!


  8. Hi Donna, I thought I had commented before! I love this new piece, it's gorgeous.

    Mr J has his follow up today. I'm sure he will have a good report. He's done quite well.


  9. I wish it would rain here too!
    Love the fairy!


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