Friday, June 1, 2007

~ Inspired by Nature, Gardening for Friday

Nothing is as inspiring as Nature to me. The combination of colors and patterns and designs are endless and teach you how to mix better than anything else. Except just playing with paint maybe. :)
This is the wonderful little paver courtyard that my sweet hubby put in a few years ago. We live on a corner lot so we put in a berm soon after moving in for privacy. There are foundation shrubs and trees and then we plant color each season. Some of these like the blue plumbago, azaleas, sweet potato vines, lantana, etc., will come back each year.
Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a great weekend. We have been praying for rain down here, and it looks like a tropical storm is finally going to bring it. No complaining.


  1. Gorgeous yard, Donna! Let's keep our fingers crossed for that rain.

  2. Very pretty courtyard! That must have been hard work for your hubby to lay those paver stones! I'm praying for rain too. We haven't had a drop in almost two weeks. Have a great weekend!

  3. Well...Donna...I checked in here this morning and didn't see this! I just now clicked on The Decorated House, over at the Treehouse!

    It's gorgeous...I love these photos. They are amazing. Your garden and pavered patio are fabulous! I don't remember seeing this angle before.

    Back Porch Musings

  4. Hi Donna..... I need an "express" key on the computer so that whenever I visit your blog - I can just hit that key and it will print.... "Incredibly Gorgeous" !!!!!

    Your garden/yard is just heaven.... I'm especially drawn to the large planter in the first photo... It is an antique? It's just plain an "eye-grabber"...

    Also love your island you posted yesterday...


  5. Hi Donna...I missed this one earlier today, too. You have a gorgeous yard and two are equally talented inside and outside the house! I love your combination of plantings and containers. The color of your house is so cheerful, too. I always look forward to your photos.

    DS just called, and their rain (West Palm) started about noon and has been steady. I know how much you all have needed it, so I hope that you get a good, steady rain this weekend.



  6. Beautiful gardens!
    You have a great weekend, and thank you for sharing.

  7. guys did such a nice job. Yes I think there is rain in your future....I hope you were not too near any of the fires !!!

    Have a nice week-end 2.

    Kathy =)

  8. Lovely garden! I so enjoyed visiting here and will return.

  9. I just love your blog and your beautiful home. You have such a great eye when it comes to decorating. I have been a lurcker for about two months now....your inspiration keeps me coming back. I have the same taste in decorating and just love your court yard. All of your flowers in your pots are lovely arranged. I pray you guys get some much needed rain....I know that rain is hard to come by at times. Thank you for the eye candy and I will stop back often. Nicole from Texas

  10. Hi Donners - isn't this rain just lovely? And how can one lady be so darn talented? Your gardens are gorgeous! Will you come create mine?

  11. Lovely, lovely photos! And your island table is gorgeous!!

  12. Your gardens and surrounding areas are fabulous! How nice to come home to:) I am sure they take alot of work, but Ohhhhhh the pleasure they give!

  13. Just like your house, your garden is beautiful.

  14. Donna, you've talked about how bad your gardens have looked & you're changing them around, but these pics sure look gorgeous! Whatever you've been doing out there is paying off, cause it looks so inviting out there. Love that paver walkway. I have SO much to do yet around here, it will take me years. You have such vision inside & outside the house!


  15. what a beautiful yard and garden. Looks like a wonderful place to retreat. Wish my yard looked like this.

  16. Oh what a beautiful, beautiful entryway!!!

    And your husband did a lovely job with the pavers.

    All in all, it is .... beautiful beyond words. I love it! I want it! :-)


  17. Incredibly lush is how it looks to me. Absolutely beautiful. All of our spring plants are dying here in Arizona. Time to change to summer flowers.

  18. What a beautiful flower garden! Love it!
    God bless :)

  19. Gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb..I don't even have a green finger..LOL!

  20. Really beautiful!!! Just perfect!

  21. Donna,

    Thanks for visiting me and your sweet comments. I love your garden pictures...everything looks so lush and colorful.

    The green of the sweet potato vine is stunning! What a pretty courtyard your husband made, a little paradise!


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