Monday, October 29, 2007

~Snickers, Pumpkinheads & Bears

Pumpkin Head Guy and his Sidekick Bear, who is guarding the Snickers.
It's about time to say Trick or Treat and then pack away all the Halloween decorations. Halloween was such a big holiday when I was a kid. I think it was because it was one of the few times we ever got any of that junk to eat. And it was free, just for knocking on the door and politely saying Trick or Treat!

I remember more how excited my daughter was. I wish she would still go out Trick or Treating, but at 28, she just won't go. But she still finds the Snickers bef0re the little kids get here. But that's kind of part of the plan of the Holiday.
Make it a Most Wonderful Day!


  1. I'm glad I still have a seven year old! I can't wait to get out and trick or treat! :-)

    Enjoy the Snickers bars!


  2. OOooo, I love those snickers, too!


  3. Adorable decorations. I remember those mini Snickers and Milky Way bars. Recently I saw a Snickers in a local grocery store and couldn't resist!

  4. OOoh...did someone say Snickers? : )
    I love that Gracie still gets so excited about Halloween. It really is such fun. I love seeing all the little ones climb up the steps and hold out those containers. There are always a few whose masks are crooked or who have forgotten what they are supposed to say.
    Gee, a 28 can't go trick or treating?? *grin* I wish a 51 year old could!!

    Have fun dear Donna~!

    Warm hugs,

  5. Donna,
    I have wonderful memories of Halloween, too. Those were the days when kids could walk for miles in groups without needing their parents to keep them safe.

    Being the social person that she is, my daughter loved Halloween. And, at 22, I think I might still be able to persuade her to go Trick or Treating.


  6. Hi Donna,

    I too give out Snickers and mini bags of M & M's....I can not buy them until last minute or they will disappear lol. This year I bought cute little ghost bags to put the candy in.

    I am so happy it's going to be warm here in the NE...because I put on a cd with spooky music...I like to put it behind the bushes out front, the kids love it !!!

    My daughter's dog Sydney will be greeting all our trick or treaters dressed as a pumpkin, can you tell we really get into this ?? LOL

    Hope you have a great Halloween,
    Kathy :)


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